October 13, 2008

The One Where I Feel Like Overviewing

1)  I'm watching Pearl Harbor on t.v. (you're welcome, Kevin.)  

2)  Canadian Thanksgiving is the bomb!  ;)  Between a trip to Bulk Barn for a "sweet" fix, a walk in the park, laughing so hard I cried at the dinner table, eating the most amazing homemade burgers I have EVER had (seriously...), shooting a shotgun for the first time (and hitting one clay pigeon out of 5), trying moose & bear & venison cooked in various ways alongside the rest of the traditional thanksgiving foods, and hanging out with really really good friends and "family"...yeah...it was great.  

3)  Tomorrow is the first FMC "Salt & Light" monthly pastor's meetings I will be attending.  It's from 9-12 at Spring Arbor and I'm looking forward to it.  

4)  I'm not sure what to fix my love for dinner, but I want it to be delish.  

5)  Last night was my second time leading youth group and it went wonderfully.  I just love those kids and I am already loving what I get to do for a living.

6)  We're moving from here to there on Saturday, November 1st if anyone's interested. :)

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  1. r u gonna call me - and see me? - I'll be in Spring Arbor all afternoon!!!


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