October 2, 2008

The One with All Women

1)  Our car's muffler decided to stop functioning Monday.  I heard the noise of a loud car driving near me on 94 and suddenly I realized it was ME.  Yeah, not so happy about that.  We got it in to the auto service station (where the two guys probably can't believe they were seeing me for what seems like the millionth time this summer) and found out it certainly needed replaced.  *sigh*  $260 later, our car runs smoothly again.  (Now we're just praying it survives the long drives and the Michigan winter ahead.  Either that, or God will be proving his providing qualities to us once again.)  

2)  I started a super awesome blog for my youth group.  (Idea trademarked by my very own totally cool husband.)  We wanted an online environment where we could keep the kids up to date with events and previous week's studies as well as get more connected.  Let's pray it all goes well!

3)  I'm playing Uno online with Kevin right now.  Very fun.

4) When it was necessary that I drop off the car at the auto place and walk home...then walk back to pick it up...I had a sudden epiphany:  there was no need to take the various turns on the "main" roads to walk for 20 minutes.  Instead I was able to take an almost straight shot there and made it in 10 minutes!  I was excited...but also embarrassed at my stupidity the last million times I've had to walk there.

5)  My second round of the Amish friendship bread has turned out wonderfully!  I love the stuff and we'll keep a loaf to enjoy and I'll be bringing the other with me to Women's Retreat for the Auction.  

6)  Speaking of which, I'm really truly looking forward to this Women's retreat.  It's a chance for me to spend some quality time with a few of the women from Monroe, as well as those from various other FM churches I know.  Also, I'll get lots of "girl time" with my "other" mom (mother-in-law sounds so distant...she's much closer than that!)  and grandma. :)  I have no problem fellowshipping with lots of women even if most of them are going to be older than me.  I've always enjoyed time spent with my mom and her friends and now I'm "old enough" to join the women officially. :)

7)  The pasta casserole I'm getting ready to bake is going to be amazing!  I threw cooked penne in with pasta sauce and sauteed green peppers, onions, garlic, and sausage.  Topped off with melted cheese is just divine!  

8) This week has made me feel like I'm officially grown up--employed and involved in the most inner workings of the church and denomination.  *whew*  super cool and super crazy.  

9) The end.

10) Or maybe this is the end officially because it's an even number. 


  1. you're soo Monica!!!! Even Numbers!!!!

  2. just HAD to have an even number, didn't you... =D

    that said, that pasta was pretty awesome!

  3. lol i agree with brittney, but you are so cute!

  4. YES!! Yay for making it an even number. :-)

    Amish friendship bread...my mom did that for about half a year back when John and I were in high school. Is it the kind where you keep the starter in the fridge and have to bake a loaf every week or so?

    That stinks about your muffler. :'( I hope everything else is going great for you, though, Mel!!!


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