October 16, 2008

The One with the Sponge

So many exciting things.  Ok.

First, I'm eating applesauce.  Out of the jar.  And enjoying every uncultured minute of it.  (Yes, I do have manners.  And yes, I do know when to use them.  But I'm also not a hard-nose about it.  the end.)

Second, I've finally organized the iTunes on this desktop.  (Oh speaking of which, a word of explanation for those of you who haven't heard.  My baby iBook [my Mac laptop for those of you not so technologically savvy] is officially dead.  Nothing can be done to save it or anything contained on it's harddrive.  It was hard news to take, but the truth must be accepted.  I have mourned and moved on with my life.)  Back to the music.  I love that I can actually find the songs I want to listen to and that I have my lovely playlists formulated once again.  *happy sigh*

Third, my birthday present from my husband is sitting beside me on my desk.  We ordered it off Craigslist and went to pick it up last night.  Yes, I know, not much of a "surprise" for me, but just to keep with the spirit of the more-than-a-month-away "holiday" I'll keep it a secret from all of you.  (Don't spill the beans if you know.  lol.)  

Fourth, I had forgotten all the goodness of Subway.  Oh, and Kevin and I have a new pasttime...call it "Would you rather" or something along those lines.  He comes up with some sort of ridiculous comparison (such as "Who would win in a fight? Batman without his utility belt or Superman with a kryptonite necklace?")  and I have to make a decision and give reasons.  We played it for a full half hour on our ride home last night.  It was hysterical.  Topics ranged from "Who would you rather play you [Mel] in a movie? Martha Stewart or Hilary Clinton?" to "Which would you rather disappear forever? All fastfood or Panera?"  (In case you're wondering, Kevin went with Panera "hands down" and I chose fastfood.  I figure, you can always find a good sandwich or soup, but you can't find that satisfying grease just anywhere.)  

Fifth, we were informed of an apartment inspection occuring today.  (Not much to inspect here when 90% of our stuff is in boxes in the loft...) I got back from biking, cooled down to a little Ellen and The Doctors and hopped in the shower with this funny inclination that Mr. Inspector would arrive when I was doing just that.  Sure enough through the water running and the loud exhaust fan, I heard a man yelling something or other (probably informing the occupant of his entrance.  I'm still not sure if he inspected anything, but he left me alone and was gone by the time I was done in the bathroom.  oh dear....)

Well, I hope I have sufficiently entertained you for today.  In a few hours I'll pick up Kevin from school and we'll drive to Steaks Eatery where we're meeting his family to celebrate his 22nd and Brian's 15th birthdays.  Yay!  We're staying the night and heading to Battle Creek Saturday to the wedding of some wonderful friends.  (Will I cry? Hmmm.  Bets anyone?)


  1. Go for it - cry for me too, since she was my friend first!!!

  2. Did you cry????

    Wow--Hillary Clinton or Martha Stewart. That's a toughie, Mel. Which did you end up going with, and why??


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