October 10, 2008

The One with the Furniture

ok, before we get to the furniture topic, I have to pay my respects to a very trustworthy pair of jeans.  Just this morning I pulled my favorite old pair out of the bottom of my drawer.  I had been ignoring them for a while cause I wasn't in the mood for their semi-tightness.  Anyways, I thought today was a good day to try them out again.  That said, as I wiggled my way into their spandex-infused denim I heard a very distinctive "rrriiipp."  Yes, the jeans that had actually worn out in the bottom of both pockets and had nearly no bottom hem left are officially hole-y in a must in appropriate spot.  I guess that was a sign that it's time for "grown up" pants.  :) So long, favorite jeans.  So long.

You may have noticed the post a few days back listing all the great items of furniture that have been passed on to Kevin and I in preparation of our move.  Apparently there are still more wonderful people in the world who are curious as to our other needs.  I thought I would publicly share them here so that if you know of anyone who's looking to get rid of an item you can let us know. :)  (No, I'm not pleading just informing for those curious folks.  hee,hee.)  thanks, friends.

-Office desk 
-bean bag chairs (or other comfy seating for youth area downstairs)
-bed(s) for guest room

Now, I must prepare my stomach for a weekend in Canada for thanksgiving.  

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  1. Don't you hate it when you have to say goodbye to a great pair of jeans? So sad!

    Have you tried checking out Craigslist for furniture? I scope out the site every now and then and I am constantly seeing great little pieces that would be great with a touch up or two. :)


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