November 4, 2008

The One with the Move

I know.  I've been slacking.  Or so it may seem.  In actuality my husband and I have been busy preparing for "Moving Day," settling in, and trying not to get lost in our 2,000 sq. ft. home.  

We had such wonderful help and great weather on Saturday.  It went so perfectly.  Mom, Dad, Kevin and I woke up at 6:30 and were loading the huge covered trailer at 8:15/30.  We didn't rush or anything but had most everything packed by 9:20 when the Eccles arrived.  They helped us finish loading the trailer and then Arvidsons and a guy from the church showed up with 2 more trailers (one covered, one not) and the 4 college guys arrived just in time to load the couches, end tables, dressers, etc.  We were completely moved out  by 10:30am and drove to Monroe (50 min.) and unloaded by 12:30.  I stood by the door directing people to the rooms.  It went beautifully.  The 4 college guys were great help--setting up beds, furniture, the washer/dryer, and hooking up our new internet service and other electronics.  The dads did lots of maintenance work which was a GREAT help.  Kevin's mom wiped all the kitchen cabinets and drawers out (11 drawers compared to my 2 before!!)  and then helped me unpack all the kitchen boxes (which were the majority of the boxes I think!)  Also, one of the college boys helped us.  I figured even if I had to rearrange stuff later it would be a great help to have the boxes unloaded.  And actually I haven't had to rearrange much of anything.  The cupboard space is amazing!!!  :)  I LOVE the kitchen and the big counter and bar that is beside the dining room. 

The whole lot of us had good ol' Little Caesar's Hot and Ready pizzas for lunch and we all went out to the Chinese buffet of goodness for dinner.  Both of our families spent Saturday night with us in our new home and we were excited to be able to introduce them to our new church family on Sunday.  Our congregation is so welcoming, making anyone feel at home in an instant.  (It doesn't hurt that there was an infamous potluck held after the service. *smile*)

Now I just have one box of decorations to set up at my leisure. AMAZING! :)  We are truly in love with our new home and would welcome any and all guests!  Good thing Thanksgiving and its 14 guests is only 3 weeks away!

PostScript:  I love absentee ballots.


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