October 29, 2008

The One Where Melanie Wore Socks to Bed

It's official.  We're living out of boxes.  I don't even want to count the number of times I've had to dig through a taped up box to find one little item that is necessary at the time (particularly in the kitchen.)  *sigh* oh well.   I can hardly believe that we are moving this Saturday.  We're both getting really excited...especially since we were given the first ever tour of our new home on Sunday evening (the people finally moved out!)  It's going to be a wonderful place to live and entertain.  Also, I got a call yesterday from a church member who knew of a family getting rid of some furniture.  So sometime this week he's going to be delivering a king sized bedroom set (including mattress/springs, 2 side tables, a long mirrored dresser, and a chest of drawers...evidently "like new"!) and a couch and chair (which will certainly be useful in the youth room of our finished basement!)  How cool is God?!  :)  

Despite all the wonderful aspects of this move, I admitted to Kevin this morning that I'm feeling a little bittersweet about the whole thing.  Mostly because this apartment was our first home together.  And for the first time in 4 years I really felt like I had a permanent home.  We loved this place.  I have even come to love the city, the freeways, and the entertaining characters in the area.  Though I'm loooking forward to feeling more free to roam about the neighborhood in Monroe, I will be sad to say goodbye to our Detroit apartment.  

Also, I finally gave in.  Up until last night at 10:30, we had yet to turn on the heat in our house.  The temperature remains around the 65 degree mark which was tolerable until I was getting ready for bed.  You see, our bedroom window lets cold air basically blow through our apartment, so yesterday I decided to keep the door closed to preserve what little heat was left in the rest of the dwelling.  That was great.  during the day.  But at night, I had forgotten to turn on the wall heating unit in our bedroom so it must have been below 60 degrees.  brrrr.  So the heat is now on (though set at 68).  The unfortunate part is that the vents in our room don't seem to blow any air (ac or heat)...so the door is closed again today.  *sigh*  At least we were cozy last night.  

In about 3 hours I'm picking my Love up from work so he can have the afternoon at home to study.  But before that...we're stopping by Coldstone Creamery downtown and cashing in his birthday certificate for a free sundae!  Yay ice cream!


  1. Kyle and I always tried to make it until November 1 . . . which is easy until you have a baby. We even used space heaters in Jack's room last year so that we wouldn't have to turn the heat on.

    This year, we gave up a couple of weeks ago.


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