January 1, 2012

The One with Surrendered Dreams

January 1st, 2011 is so vivid in my mind. The transformation God was working in my heart. Contentment.
I didn't even need to look back into all those months blog archives to be transported to that time alone with Jesus on the couch. But, reading my own sentiments all over again stir up in my heart a renewed pursuit of true contentment. {please read it again with me.}

This year I have learned much and grown deeply. But there is still so far to go
I have clung to Christ in new ways. But each day brings a choice

I have repeatedly meditated on the words of the worship chorus Surrender (by Marc James; Vineyard.)

I'm giving You my heart, all that is within 
I lay it all down, for the sake of You my King 
I'm giving You my dreams, laying down my rights 
I'm giving up my pride, for the promise of new life
And I surrender all to You, all to You 
And I surrender all to You, all to You
I'm singing You this song, I'm waiting at the cross 
All the world holds dear, I count it all as loss
For the sake of knowing You, for the glory of Your name 
To know the lasting joy, even sharing in Your pain
And I surrender it all to you, all to You

To surrender not just today or my present struggles. I've found it's actually easier to give up my struggles and sins and give over my heart to Jesus in a moment of emotion, than it is to truly say, "God, I'm giving you my dreams." Those wishes, hopes, aspirations have somehow seemed off limits to surrender. But every single time I hear that song, I am convicted of the necessity to give over my future to Jesus. Why not? He deserves all my trust. He holds the world. He knows my heart. He will cherish my dreams, yet bring me step by step through the life He knows is best for me

And so my 2012 will start with the same purpose as 2011. Contentment each day, found totally in Jesus. And surrendering my dreams to Him.

Have you made any commitments in this new year? 


  1. I so needed to read this today, Melanie. Thank you :o)

  2. Even as I wrote my own somewhat-silly entry on the new year's aspirations, I too thought of a surrender song: "All my ambitions, hopes and plans / I surrender these into Your Hands..." and also: "All the vain things that charm me most, I sacrifice them to His Blood." Beyond my surface "dreams" for the coming year, I mostly and truly yearn for "A Closer Walk With Thee." Thanks for the much-needed reminder.

  3. @Kerri--so thankful my words spoke to you today.

    @MGBR--I love that song--it fits so perfectly with my thoughts as well.



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