January 12, 2012

The One with my New Bracelet

Before Christmas Kevin told me he had ordered a gift for me that might not arrive until after the holiday. I would remember this occasionally as the days and weeks passed, but overall didn't think too much about it. The past few days, though, I had been teasing him about whether or not I believe he had actually bought me this so-called gift. :) 

Saturday evening, as we arrived home from a day long Bible Quiz meet, we found a package in our mailbox. It was a large envelope, and Kevin thought it might be gift. I still had absolutely no idea what it might be. He had done an amazing job keeping it a secret. (And evidently, I had done a not-so-impressive-job keeping up with our monthly financial records or I would have seen the expense. oops.) 

As I tore about the seal, a small package appeared. And then I saw it. A business card from The Vintage Pearl. Already I was thrilled and I hadn't even seen the gift. I had been admiring TVP's jewelry designs and commitment to Christ for years now and sent Kevin a link to the website probably a year ago. I said, "If you ever need gift ideas, look here." Of course I had completely forgotten about that. (I'm obviously not so great on the memory-thing.) 

In the midst of excited gasps and squeals the most elegant bracelet fell into my palm. Out of pages and pages of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more, Kevin had chosen this gorgeous freshwater pearl bracelet, with an adorable heart-shaped toggle clasp, and a silver hand-stamped charm with a message from his heart. The words read--
more than rubies: proverbs 31


Be still my heart. I was stunned, thrilled, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. The tears came quickly, flooding my cheeks and running onto his shoulder as he is accustomed. This was was the most intimate, heartfelt, meaningful gift he had ever given me, and I will cherish it forever


I haven't taken the bracelet off of my wrist since Saturday, and every time I hear the gentle tinkling of the pearl against the charm, my heart is filled again. Reading the echo of his deepest thoughts in those precious words means more than I can express. I have always know my worth to Kevin. But now I have that reminder on my wrist, every day. 

Thank you, darling. I love you. 



  1. Awhh! That's so cutee! :) Love you guys!

  2. That is gorgeous and so heart-felt. Now I see why you were thrilled when you received it. To keep it in that lovely condition, you might want to read about the care of pearls. I don't think you would want to wear it 24/7. Mostly not in the shower, but I could be wrong. Can't wait to see it in person. An A+ for Kevin's thoughtfulness and good taste, once again:) Love, mom


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