January 25, 2012

The One with the Paperclip Project

My husband's mind works like no other. I love to sit back and watch the wheels turning. Many of his mannerisms change as he sinks deep into thought--his breathing slows and deepens, his eyes sometimes bat back and forth as if reading line after line of information, he might pull out the "air calculator," and if he talks to himself it's in fast mumbles. 

The other day, I witnessed his creative genius at work. We had spent the afternoon hunting around various stores for a miniature plate stand or study paper holder that would hold his iPod touch upright on his desk--you know, for the optimal Netflix-watching angle. No perfect prop was found, however. 
this just in: Out of nowhere, he jumped up from his desk, stopped in the middle of his class work, and I suddenly heard the piano start playing. (Which happens very rarely.) He must have had one of those chord-progression moments that he just needed to release. It happens. 

After eating lunch, Kevin came into the living room. He had found one of those large X-shaped paperclips. I watched as his used his needle-nose pliers and twisted and pulled and fanangled that metal into submission

I had no idea what he was trying to achieve. How would that little ol' paper clip turn into something strong enough to support his iPod. 

Sure enough, the stand took shape. Kevin, in all his mathematical-angle understanding, had created a fantastic product. 

Check out this little guy: 


I'm so impressed. 


So proud. My husband rocks my socks. 


*please pay no attention to the cracked screen. There was a little accident months ago. 


  1. I think someone has a future in etsy or eBay sales! :) Nice work, Kevin!

  2. I think they have YouTube videos showing you how to make those out of paper clips, or business cards, ha ha. Kudos to Kevin for figuring it out with his own brain! I caved in about 18 months ago and bought a little plastic contraption that holds your earbuds when it's closed and provides a great watching Netflix in bed angle when it's open :). Ya gotta love a guy who can finagle stuff!!

  3. Can he make me one and mail it to me for Nick's Kindle Fire?

  4. I want one too!!! I love that!!! So cool!!!!! Love your blog! Love you!


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