January 9, 2012

The One with Our Daily Bread

For the past week my heart has been so happy, so full. My husband and I made a commitment to spend a half hour together every single morning reading our Bibles, discussing, and praying together. We're not really "New Year Resolution" kind of people, but I guess that's exactly what we did. We resolved to change our lives, change our days, change our year before it even began.  

Thanks to Kevin's Grandma A for sharing the link to the Joni & Friends Chronological Bible-in-a-Year Reading Schedule, we have a purpose and a plan each morning and we go from there. We have found that it works best if we read the day's passage to ourselves, making notes or comments while reading, and then spend time sharing our thoughts once we're both finished. It has been so much fun doing this together. Our conversations start different every day, and who knows what we'll end up talking about, but having that time to think deeply, Scriptually, Spirit-led, together every day is incredible. 

Then we share our hearts--concerns, prayer requests, thoughts, burdens, joys. These types of interactions have proven to be joyful and fueling for both of us. And to start the day that way is just thrilling. 

It has given me a renewed purpose, a better reason to wake up early every morning. No excuses. Accountability to reading God's Word. Thought-provoking conversation. And time together, deepening our marriage relationship. 

And even though we're starting out in the book of Job (not exactly the easiest book of the Bible to read) and this past week wasn't the greatest, we couldn't be more joyful. There was one morning we had to leave the house at 8am--our devotional date time. I was going to read my passage on my ow, but Kevin eagerly asked if I would wait until the evening when we could spend the time together. ummm, YES, no problem. :) Amazing. 

Between this endeavor, and my commitment to pray for my husband each day in January, I feel joy-filled. 

Have you made any life changing commitments this month?  Or do you have any words of experience or advice to share with us? 


  1. I've been using this reading plan too along with my bf. Agree -- not easy beginning in Job, but there's good stuff in there! :) It's been great to be able to compare notes & chat about it every day.

  2. Love you two. Thanks for sharing yourselves with us!

  3. Melanie...that is so great that you and your husband are doing devotions together. I love my devotion time with my husband...it has been the best thing we have ever done.

    We spend time praying for our needs and the needs of our family...but also for others. We use the prayer list from Wednesday night prayer meeting...and also add other people's needs to it too.

    We count it a privilege and a blessing to lift up the needs of others to the Lord.

    I know you will have many good conversations and discussions as you study, read, and pray together...and the Lord will bless you!

  4. Greg and I committed to praying together at bedtime when we went to Weekend to Remember retreat at 23 years married~it is wonderful and we have probably only missed a handful of times in the 3 years since. Never stop looking for ways to improve your marriage!

  5. @Kelsey--that is so cool that you're doing the same thing with your bf! Keep it up!

    @d3d--thank you, friend.

    @Linda--your words are so encouraging. Thanks for sharing your personal spiritual/marriage journey with me. I hope to see us stay this committed for years to come.

    @sherrie--that is so cool! another great idea. Thanks!


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