January 5, 2012

The One with the Belated Christmas

Kevin and I had a lovely time with my family at our belated Christmas celebration. It was so thoughtful of mom and dad to save all of their gifts for three days past Christmas so we could all open them together. If only Ash could have joined us. (We missed you, Ash! Thanks for the great gifts, though, and adding your hilarious wit to each package.)

Mom, Dad, Grams, Chuck, Gramma Mary, Kevin and I were like little kids with piles of presents all around us, waiting eagerly for the next person to open their gifts, revealing their thrill and sheer joy at the contents.

Here is our little Christmas in photos. 

Gramma Mary was being quite the little stinker in her photographs. Check out that 88 year old spunk!


Hi, Daddio!


Kevin's "Hey, I got a toothbrush in my stocking" expression over overflowing glee. Cooper (the dog) looks amused. Or maybe just complacent. 


Grams and Chuck are adorable?


Dad, busting up about one of his gifts. I think it was the fact that we stuffed a beautiful golf shirt into a teeny tiny little box. 


My lovely mama, opening some of her presents. 


Check out how beautiful Mom looks in her stylish new jacket. Seriously. 


Dad telling me some "fish stories" again. LOL (yeah that's a pun. and probably true as well. just kidding, Dad.) 


Kevin and I high-fiving because we're SO GEEKED about our new set of lamps. Seriously! a) four lamps that match. b) lamps that look great with our decor. c) a floor lamp for next to the new loveseat instead of that hideous "eyeball lamp" Kevin dislikes so much. d) a small lamp perfect for Kevin's desk. e) two side table lamps--adding a third, softer light to the living room as well as the dining room. THANKS, Mom & Dad. In case you can't tell. I'm really excited. :) 


My new stainless steel pots & pans set! So excited to try them! (Yes, they're still in the box. It's been a long week.) 


Look at this beautiful table my mom set! Aren't those candle-inspired cloth napkins awesome? 


We all sat down to a delicious dinner. Dad had found a great deal on prime rib roast and we followed the butcher's instructions step by step to result in the most delicious slab of holiday meat ever. Thanks, Dad! The three of us--mom, dad, and myself--made a surprisingly good team in our tiny kitchen, bringing together a beautiful meal at the perfect time. Prime rib, mashed potatoes, mom's famous cheesy vegetables (the best I can remember them being), crescent rolls, and dad's Italian tossed salad. I was so proud of Dad for helping through the whole process, including taking dishes to the table for us. Brownie points!  


Thanks, family, for a wonderful Christmas together. Love you!


  1. What a beautiful family. Looks like a blessed time!

  2. Funny your grandparents last name is Simmons, so is Drew's!

  3. Hi Mel....the photo journey of our Christmas together is quite lovely. You did a great job snapping those candid shots. Grams is looking at this with me, and we both agree that this blog would be even better if you took the one picture off of her and Chuck holding the plaque. Well, you could keep all of the picture except her face...haha???? Grams said STAT please. Love, mom

  4. your pictures look beautiful! you are doing wonderful! I wish I could spend a day with you and learn more lol :) Merry Belated Christmas!

  5. Sounds wonderful! I miss your family!!!

  6. Thanks, friends. It really was a wonderful time.

    @Jenilee--I would love that!


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