January 4, 2012

The One with the {P Family} Photo Shoot

Just a week before Christmas we met up with one of the nicest families in our quaint little downtown for a photo shoot. It was bitter cold, so none of us lasted long, but the time we did have was worth it. With the beautiful courthouse in the background and the sunlight streaming in, Kevin and I captured some lovely shots. Thanks, P family, for enlisting us to do your family photos. We love you guys!






  1. The photos look great K&M. Would enjoy getting to see the rest of them sometime. It will be so fun to see how your work evolves through the years. Love, mom

  2. Hey Melanie! I have the Garmin 410 and LOVE it! Also the socks I have are aisics with the little tab on the back. Love them too. My husband got them at Dicks, but I'm sure they'd have them at any sports or running store.

  3. @Karen--thanks, Mom!! I agree, it should be fun to watch our growth.

    @Andrea--I really appreciate your info. Thanks for sharing.


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