July 27, 2011

The One with the Pens

Confession: I have a pen problem. (Yes, I know I just recently posted about another little issue I have. Bear with me, people. There's a more where these came from. And apparently I also have a problem with ending sentences with prepositions.) 

This morning, in the process of packing, I attempted to add my collection of pens from my desktop pen cup into my convenient and totally nerdy zippered pencil pouch in my desk drawer. Before long I realized there was no way a single pen was going to be added to that little pouch. It was busting at the seams. 

Thus began another project. (See? I told you one project leads to another.) I gathered the pens from my pen cup, the pens from my drawer organizer, and the pens from my pencil pouch and spread them out on the counter. I couldn't work through this messy pile without first creating some order, so I proceeded to separate the pens into categories. SBC pens. Church pens. SAU pens. Crappy pens. Pencils. Bulky pens. Pens with caps. Then, I went pen by pen and checked for writing quality. The ones that failed the test made it into the garbage. The ones I don't like using all that much because I'm also a pen snob are being left in the youth room. :) The rest were divided between the favorite-to-use-all-of-the-time-pen-cup and the reserve-pen-collection-pencil-pouch.


I discovered a few things about myself in this process. I have a pen addiction. (This wasn't a new revelation actually. I've known for at least 15 years about this issue.) I may owe some businesses a few pens; I'm apparently a pen thief

Lastly, does this make me a mini-hoarder? I sure hope not. Because today at Sam's Club I was drawn to this gorgeous package of pens like a bug to a light.  

entertained by my madness???
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  1. I can totally identify with this (and with your previous post about cherries!)...have you ever tried the new Sharpie pens or Uniball Signo? Those are a couple of my current favorites. :)

  2. I think it may be time for an intervention! I'm here for you, Mel.

  3. Oh Mel. You crack me up. Grandma said to me yesterday, "Did you see Mel's blog about the pens?" It is even better than I thought it would be. I think Gordon may be on to something with the intervention idea. You might want to take him up on it. LOL Love you. Mom

  4. We do have some really cool pens at Sam's club. Nick also has a pen addiction and is a pen thief. You are in good company. Is the cup, the one that has the pictures of Kevin on it?

  5. I have a pen obsession as well though mostly I'm neurotic about having pens in certain places. If a pen has moved from its spot on the fridge to say, next to my husband's wallet, I'm a little unnerved. So at school supply time (like right now) I love to buy a 12-pack and re-supply my areas. Wow, that sounds crazy when you write it out. ;-)

  6. this made me laugh!! I am cleaning out our basement office and turning it into a playroom and I found a TON of PENS!!! :) Full packages! lol I am right there with you, friend!


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