July 8, 2011

The One with the Camp Report

We've had absolutely gorgeous weather!
Fire-cooked pizza sandwiches are a big hit. 
Deer flies love me. 
I hate (hate HATE) Deer Flies. 
I would officially declare myself a youth worker and not-so-much a children's worker. 
Me + coming up with kids games = fail. 
Having my mom out at camp with us is super fun. 
Catching up with friends is great. 
Taking two showers a day is a necessity. 
It's hard impossible to keep 15 teens quiet before quiet hours are officially over at 8am. 
Watching all of the students having fun with one another, working well with kids, and being responsible for themselves is a blessing. 
Releasing my Type A tendency during this week of crazy-camping as I've come to call it, is a very good thing. 

Over and out.


  1. Mel - You did a great job with games! I was the mommy hanging out with the little kids and I thought you managed them great. My favorite was the relay where they all ran when you said "go"! Thanks for the time you spend with the children last week!!

  2. Thanks so much, Elisa!! Your help was appreciated as well. :)

    And my favorite part was definitely the everyone-relay-race! so cute!


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