July 24, 2011

The One with the Boxes of Blessings

I have been a busy little bee this past week. Packing boxes is more than just putting stuff into a box and taping it shut. For me it involves so many steps. Once I decide which cupboard or closet I want to tackle, I have to find the right size and heftiness of box. If items are fragile I must be prepared with sheets of paper or towels to wrap them in individually. Once I actually start pulling items out of drawers or off of shelves it almost always results in some sort of secondary cleaning or organizing process

For instance, you may remember the canning-jars-for-baking-supplies post. Those things just needed to be taken care so I could start off on the right foot when I fill my new pantry.  

OR how it took hours to pack up my beading supplies. I had left all of my jewelry creating items on a large tray table so I could easily access my crafting self when the mood strikes. Unfortunately, I had to spend a long while wrangling hundreds of microscopic beads into new plastic storage containers. Then, it took more time than you could imagine to perfectly fit all of the beading supplies and jewelry boxes into one of the drawers of my crafting (plastic) dresser.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided it was time to begin chipping away at the most daunting task ahead--packing the kitchen. *cue scary music* Dun. Dun. DUN! It's hard to pack a room full of items you use on a regular basis. I'm proud of my kitchen collection (and give a SHOUT OUT to everyone who's contributed to my wonderful array appliances/dishware/bakeware/gadgets.) I knew it needed to be done. And I figured between the business of packing, the last minute odds and ends jobs, and the high heat, I wouldn't be doing a whole lot of culinary creating in the next 7 days anyhow. 

Six boxes later, and it would appear I've only just begun. 

ALL of that to say, we are overwhelmingly blessed. And, Lord, I know these material items are worth nothing, but I thank you for putting them in our possession for the time being. I will continue to seek ways of serving you by serving (and feeding) your people. 

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  1. Oh Mel...you are so funny. You sound just like your mama as far as one project leading to soooo many others. It is never simply one little job, is it?


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