July 22, 2011

The One with the Cherry Dilemma

I have cherry issues. 

No, seriously. 
Allow me to elaborate.

I like the flavor of cherry pie, but not the consistency of the actual cherries in said pie. 

I could eat cup after cup of fresh Michigan cherries. I've done this. And I wouldn't necessarily recommend eating much more than a cup or two. Believe me. 

 Cherry Jolly Ranchers are my absolute favorite variety of this hard candy. In fact, it's the only flavor I ever choose. 

I really can't stand Cherry Coke. I have serious flavor issues with this. I also do not like Dr. Pepper. However, if I am in a "pop mood" and Cherry Coke or Dr. P are the only options, I'll have a few swigs. But only in emergency situations. 

Cherry 7 Up, however, is one of my favorite pops of all time. 

Of the 4 original Starburst flavors, cherry is my least favorite. 

But cherry Skittles are on the top of my list!

Cherry flavored cough syrup or cough drops make me want to gag. 

I would never ever choose a chocolate covered cherry from the truffle box, nor would I eat cherry-anything-ice cream (which is saying a lot!), and I always send my maraschino cherries from a sundae or milkshake over to my hsuband.

I believe I have exhausted my list of cherry likes and dislikes. As you can see, I have issues. My "cherry flavored world" is quite the dichotomy. And I don't think there's anything I can do about it. 

Just so you know.


Do you have any strange flavor loves/aversions?  

Like my craziness?


  1. The only one I disagree with completely is the cherry Starburst...though I do love cherry pie and don't have a problem with the texture. I completely understand all of your other cherry-isms...too funny!


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