July 5, 2011

The One with the Serious Campers

Packing for a camping trip takes a lot of preparation, planning, and forethought. 

Packing for an 8 day camping trip with 15 teenagers and 5 adults is just crazy talk

But ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly what we've been doing. For the past many months I've been keeping track of notes and thoughts on how to feed them, what to buy, and how much money we're going to need to charge individuals to cover the costs (of camping, food, ice, propane, a trip to the ice cream parlour, etc, etc.) 

You see, tomorrow afternoon marks the beginning of Family Camp--a phenomenon few can comprehend. All of the churches in our conference denomination are invited to flood the grounds of our conference-owned campground for an extended week of worship, fellowship, and fun. Having been on the camp staff side of things-- housekeeping and counseling and office--I know how insane it can be to host 1000 people all at once. I'll be thinking and praying for those working to make this thing happen. 

There's a morning service for the kids, for the teens, and for the adults run by conference pastors. There's hundreds and hundreds of people on the small beach all afternoon with lifeguards guarding like it's their job. Then, in the evening, there's a huge "camp meeting" (if you'd like to use the ol' time lingo) where everyone comes together for a worship service and many more drive in to participate. The evenings are filled with fireside gatherings and late night teen activities. 

This year, similar to last, we're taking our youth group out to participate in family camp. They'll spend their mornings and evenings working hard alongside our pastor and his wife who are heading up the kids' programs. Kevin is co-directing the teen-tent activities. And I'll be making sure everyone's fed and happy--as well as working where needed with my mom and another parent leader.

the group from last summer.

I think we're crazy. But I'm praying it's going to be crazy fun

At the very least, I'm becoming quickly adept at feeding a large groups. And hey! camping with our own kids (which will likely number much fewer than 15) in the future will *hopefully* seem like a breeze after taking 15 of "our" kids for such an extended trip. 



  1. I already have a good stack of wood ready for the bonfires this week. The camp is quiet this evening, but things will definitely liven up by tomorrow afternoon. We're looking forward to seeing you when you get here.

  2. Soo cool that you're mom is coming!


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