July 1, 2011

The One with the Monica-Packing

There's an episode of Friends where Monica is packing up her fine China--the kind only the Queen is worthy of eating on--and she enlists Joey and Phoebe's help in filling the boxes. (NOT a good idea.) She carefully details the process in which each precious piece of China is to be wrapped and nestled into the box. Every single plate, bowl, or saucer will be surrounded by a protective layer of packing paper.

I won't tell you the end result. It's too heartbreaking

I felt like Monica on Monday afternoon. (Side note: as I was telling Kevin how I "felt like Monica" he replied, "Don't you always?" ha.*cough* ha.) In the midst of packing for a week of Bible Quiz Nationals, I was trying to accomplish some house packing. Most likely I felt pressured into packing because so many people I had spoken to in the last week asked me, "Are you packed?" 

Of course I'm not packed! Should I be packed a full month before we move?! Am I behind schedule?! I didn't even realize there was a packing schedule that I had yet to know existed. The have-your-entire-house-packed-weeks-in-advance schedule.  

Obviously, the comments from random people--including our librarian--stressed me out. I guess I was behind. YIKES. Get a move on it, Mel! You've got a 2000 square foot house to get into boxes by July 31st and almost 3 full weeks between now and then are taken up with Quizzing and Family Camp. 

I had a few boxes packed with extra linens, all most of our books are boxed, as are cds, random decorations, Christmas stuff, and extra office supplies (you'd be surprised--or maybe you wouldn't--at the large quantity of "office supplies" I own.) 

All that to say, I decided to start packing all of my formal dishware and glassware. I figure, I probably shouldn't need that between now and 4 weeks from now, right? At least, I hope the Queen doesn't visit in the next couple days. 

It took me nearly 3 hours to finish this seemingly-small project. I took the staple-binding out of many old magazine and used each sheet to separate the dishes from each other. I wrapped bowls, side plates, cups, saucers, serving plates, and more and stacked them lovingly into 3 different sturdy boxes. 

Then I had to find a place for the 12 crystal goblets that are a family heirloom. I was pretty impressed with my set up, and I know my mom would be proud of me too. :) I took a small, yet tall box and stood six of the goblets on the bottom. I tore apart another box into short strips that I used as dividers between each goblet. Then I cut perfect-sized rectangle of cardboard to place on top of the first six goblets, creating a second layer for the last 6 goblets. It was perfect, people. 

No tinging from any of those boxes. I call that a success (with a side of anal retentive.) 


  1. While I'm thrilled you're finding time to get a head start on the packing and whatnot, it makes me sad because now it's becoming EVEN more real.

    :-( so boo.

    Yikes! I have THREE weeks to finish FIVE seasons of Friends.
    Not sure if I can do it.... ;-)

  2. I hadn't moved for 20 years..then 4 years ago we built a new house. Wow! What a ton of stuff we had accumulated! We had a garage sale and also set up in an antique mall to try to sell off stuff that we didn't want or need. I gave stuff to my kids and grandkids too. And we also rented a storage space for a year.

    Basically "I" only brought stuff that fit nicely into my new space. But my husband who is a collector had a much harder time. His domain is almost our entire finished basement which he uses for his collections.

    Long story short...4 years have passed, and we need to clear out again and organize.

    But back to your post... I too was a very careful packer and I took a lot of time to make sure everything I treasured got here in one piece. I hope that will be the same story for you.

    Happy moving!

  3. too funny because in all actuality the future queen of England is in the USA right now!!


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