July 18, 2011

The One with the Thing I WON'T Miss

I will definitely miss this house when we move. It's been a wonderful first home for us. Yes, we lived in a Detroit apartment for 5 months, but we didn't have time to make a home of it. This place, though, is where we've become a family--even just the two of us. :) We've learned how to be adults--how to pay bills and buy insurance and avoid yard work. We've learned the basics of true, beautiful marriage--how to fill one another with love and how to fight fairly. We've learned how to host loads of teenagers in our house, how to unclog a garbage disposal and how to save on utilities. We've laughed a lot, cried enough, shared dreams and frustrations, prayed together, made memories together, started traditions. Here. Our First Home

I love so many things about this house. It's huge, for one. It has a finished basement, tons of storage space, great sized bedrooms and closets, a 2 car attached garage, and a kitchen that I will forever love and miss. I've made many a delicious cookie in this kitchen. I've become a cook and baker in this kitchen. I embraced my passion for food creating in this kitchen. I will miss this kitchen

The one thing I won't miss? Cleaning three bathrooms. BLECH. I just had this lovely task this morning. And is way way way down on my list of things I remotely don't mind doing. But seriously, three bathrooms for 2 people is a bit much, don't you think? :) So even though we'll have to actually wait if someone's already using the bathroom, at least there will just be one toilet, sink, and tub to clean. And I'm ok with that.  


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  1. I hate cleaning my 1 bathroom, good point about how much it sucks to clean 3! I have thought about how I don't want to have a huge house to clean, but I never realized that also meant many bathrooms!


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