July 14, 2011

The One with Family Camp Photos

For the past 8 days and 7 nights, we have been at Somerset Beach Campground for our church conference's Family Camp. It's quite the epic experience that we plan on being a part of for years to come. Having been on many sides of Family Camp, we have an unique perspective of the week+ long event. Kevin has been to over 20 Family Camp's since he was a little guy, we have both worked the counseling and housekeeping end of things, and I worked in the office last summer. Oh, Family Camp (as Sara might say.) 

After bringing our students to volunteer (and have a bit of fun) at Family Camp last summer, they started begging and pleading with us to plan another trip for this July's event. We couldn't say no to their beautiful little pouty faces. :) 

Though we are beyond exhausted, so thankful to be home in air conditioning and with clean feet, the last week has been a time to to remember. Our teens did a tremendous job of working with the children's program every morning and evening, and they were mostly spot-on compliant with the RULES we had set out for them for their week under our authority. 

Boy, can I just say it's really difficult to be charged with the care of 15 teenagers for 8 days. Wow. What a responsibility. So many questions running through my head at all hours of the day.

Have they all eaten breakfast?  
Who hasn't showered?
How many people just left for that hike?
Where's ....?
What do we do when 6 girls' belongings get flooded during torrential downpours?
How do I deal with boy-crazy-girl-jealousy?
Who's turn is it to help with dishes?
Is it bedtime yet?! 

Keeping track of who's eaten, who's showered, who's in a bad mood, who's arguing, who's done their devotions, who's in bed on time, etc is a BIG job. 

But, honestly, these teens made it pretty easy on us!

Here's our week. In pictures. 


campfire meals.


worshipping with and working with hundreds of kids!

leading game time.
(that's me in the pick tshirt!)

meals together.

group photo!

trip to The Parlour! 
yay, ice cream!
The teens surprised us with a gift--an autograph dog on which they had all written personal messages and insides jokes. So special!


checking out the awesome gift
a perfect way to remember them (and this trip) by!



  1. Sounds and looks like a great trip! Thanks for sharing the details with us!

    And I have to admit, the dog is strange, but a great gift!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! The pictures are great!! the dog was a great idea! Also I bet they loved the Parlour!


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