July 16, 2011

The One with the Teens Loving Jesus

Want to know the highlight from my week with our teens at Family Camp? The sunshine in my days? The time that made my heart happy

Every morning, after most of the teens had spent an early morning hour chatting and laughing and enjoying a bowl of cereal, it was time for personal quiet times. A half hour before the morning service, we sent the students off to find a quiet space to read their Bibles and pray and seek Jesus

It was a beautiful thing to behold. There was never a complaint, or even a sigh. They went with good attitudes, as if they were anticipating the Word from the Lord. 

They scattered to tents, to Cross Hill, to a sunny bench, to a chair around the non-existent fire. And as I did the dishes, while the sun streamed through the trees, I took note of the beauty of the moment. Watching as they turned pages, chose a passage, took out a pen, and soaked in the Scriptures. 

What a beautiful thing

I don't think we could have done anything better for our students during this week. Praying they will take this new habit with them into the "regular" routines. God is so good.

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