June 29, 2011

The One with the Final Quiz

[Free Methodist] Bible Quizzing. Are you familiar with this concept? I wasn't either until I started dating Kevin a few months into our freshmen year of college, and he was recounting stories of his Bible Quizzing days. Then I began attending monthly quizzes along with him as he quizmastered. I worked my way into the time-keeping position, then scorekeeping (which is WAY complicated), and just this year attempting quizmastering myself.

We spent the last 9 months challenging, studying with, and motivating (or attempting to motivate) our two teams of quizzers as they participating in monthly quiz meets. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons our teams weren't going to attend the Bible Quiz Finals competition--joining teams from across the nation. Kevin was planning to quizmaster at the competition (meaning his costs would be covered), but I didn't want to just spectate and pay a couple hundred dollars to do so. 

But then we heard the plea for additional quizmasters. I was in! For the past 2 days, Kevin and I have been quizmastering from 10am to 5pm. It's ridiculously challenging. It's quiet exhausting. But it's very fun too! I have learned SO much in my concentrated quizmaster experience. I am grateful. I went into that first quiz with the attitude that I was confident, I could do this, I was capable. Even though I really wasn't sure any of those statements were true. But things have worked out well, despite a few lapses in judgment and/or brain function. :) 

In the in-between times we've been catching up with old friends and making lots of new ones from all over the states--Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon, New York, Nevada and more. We've eaten FAR too much delicious food. We've shared a campus dorm room--a definite no-no for those years when we were students. :D I've gone on early morning runs. We've been reliving memories--walking the P loop, the time before the clock tower was built or Gainey Hall or University Hall or this cute little courtyard. It was good times we've had on this campus. 

And now that I'm all "experienced" at this quizmaster thing, I look forward to a new season! So long, John; bring on Hebrews and I and II Peter.  


  1. quizzing is so fun. we enjoy it! I've never quizmastered but Jeremy does and really enjoys it!

  2. Oooh I'm very jealous you got to stay on campus again!

  3. I was looking for you at the banquet to tell you a story...

    One of our quizzers saw you and Kevin and told my girls she thought you two liked each other. My girls responded that you *are married*, and giggled a bit that she hadn't known that. A little later that day, they were laughing again when they saw you were wearing a "My husband rocks" shirt.

    It was a great nationals, wasn't it? I always come away amazed at the chapel services and the kids' testimonies...not to mention the caliber of quizzing that we get to see.


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