March 1, 2011

The One with the Proof of Adulthood

Top Ten {Tuesday} 

The Top Ten ways I've realized I'm a grown up

1) Almost all of my friends were married within months of our wedding. 

2) We have to buy our own TOILET PAPER

3) Ninety Percent of the mail is filled with bills

4) I would rather sit at home and spend a quiet evening with my husband than party it up with friends.*
      *oh wait. I never partied it up. never mind. 

5) I limit my driving time to necessities so as to keep our gasoline bills low. 

6) We signed up for a credit card with reward zone points and use it for buying gas. Only grown ups do that. 

7) The congregation voted to put me on the pastor's cabinet with a 40 year old, two 60 year olds, and a 70 year old. 

8) The oldest students in our youth group are 5 years younger than my baby sister. EEEEEK. 

9) I can rent a car. Not that I ever have. But I can. 

10) I can count at least 15 friends who have recently or are almost ready to give birth to a new baby*.

            *and tonight I get to hold one of them!!! 

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  1. I found your blog through (in)courage deals page. Anyway, I can totally relate to most things on your list! And most days, I feel pretty good about getting old. I kinda prefer it sometimes to some of the things I had to deal with at younger ages.

  2. yes, yes, yes... we are grown up! lol

  3. I never really partied it up AND I never enjoyed driving around. I've been adult-ish for a long, long time.


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