March 20, 2011

The One with the Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Thanks to CSN Stores, I was given the opportunity to test two products that I had on my wish list.  As per usual, the branch of CSN stores had exactly what I was looking for, the right prices, and fast shipping. I highly recommend them to all of you. 

The Oxo Good Grips sifter is strong and sturdy yet perfect for the job of sifting powdered sugar or flour. I had two itsy bitsy sifters--seriously, they are 2 inches across--but they didn't cut it for large baking jobs I undertake. This was exactly what I needed. 

The second item I chose is one of my favorite kitchen tools at the moment (and probably for as long as I use garlic in my cooking.) The Microplane zester is AWESOME. I saw Rachael Ray raving about zesters like this one and their usefulness for zesting and grating nutmeg, garlic, or cirtrus fruits. She was right on. This gadget saves me so much time and possibly a few cuts. I had been chopping garlic by hand and it's difficult getting the pieces small enough and not including a few bonus skin cells. *blech* and *ouch* The zester grates it into a fine paste, perfect for incorporating into casseroles or pasta dishes. 

Thanks again, CSN, for this chance to review 2 of your endless products.

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  1. Hi. These 2 products sound perfect and were just what you wanted. I would like to look at their product line, too, as it sounds like a very good company.


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