March 2, 2011

The One with Not Much

My belly hurts. And it has been for 32 hours on. the. dot. Not cool, gastrointestinal system, not cool. 

Last night as I waited for Kevin to come down from class it was really random to see a van pull up beside me and realize it was my other mom. ("Mother-in-law" technically, but that seems to be too distant a description for our relationship. :D) I'm going to miss out on a spur-of-the-moment Mexican restaurant meal with his family Saturday. boohoo.

This cold-warm-windy-rainy-cold-warm weather pattern we've got going on is the pits

I can't believe how much "stuff" people find every year to put in the rummage sale. 

My bells hurts. 

This afternoon, I made a batch of these Light Brioche Buns for our BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches. It was a whim. And it was so worth it. 

My husband has been saying he doesn't want me leave. I'm going home to visit my fam for a few days and he's going to miss me. I like that. I'm going to miss him too. He rocks

Today, we sold six of his textbooks to Amazon's book buyback. We get Amazon cash back which we're going to use to put toward his netbook. Funny thing, those chemistry books are worth a LOT. Two hundred sixty five and zero-zero over one hundred dollars to be exact. ($265.) 


  1. I wish my books were worth that much!

  2. Thank, Andrea.

    And me, too, Megan. Mine were worth $10. lol

  3. Nick just left me for the weekend so I know how Kevin feels... not cool. Hope you feel better... I have been feeling sick since Sunday... not cool either.

  4. Well I hope you're feeling better by now! You too Britt!

    My stomach has been upset since Tuesay night. Yey for IBS! Hopefully it will pass soon!


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