March 3, 2011

The One with the Daddy Dates

Tonight my daddy texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him while I'm home. My dad asked me on a date! I said "sure!" right away, of course. I never turn down free food, after all. 

No, no. It's so much more than that. Dad loves spending time with me, and I love spending time with him. For as long as I can remember, Daddy has taken me on dates. I was probably 6 or 7 when our dates started. I would order the chicken tenders and french fries at our favorite local restaurant Caruso's. Dad ordered the special or something equally Italian, always including the salad with the "house" dressing and Italian bread. Sometimes, though, we would share a calzone. yyyyummm. 

[photo circa 11/05]

Throughout school, report card time always meant date nights. Yeah! I loved the one on one time, the fact that it was dad's idea, and having the opportunity to get pretty. All of those factors still apply. 

I am blessed to have a dad who I can call "Daddy," who still likes me to snuggle beside him, who thinks I'm worth spending time talking with. I'm looking forward to our date. Maybe I'll get the chicken tenders again, you know, for old time's sake. ;)

Do any of you have special memories with your dads?



  1. yes i do, makes me teary eyed dad and i shot baskets all the time in our driveway :)

  2. that is great! what a fun thing for your dad to do :) I love my Daddy too :)


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