September 1, 2010

The One with Books and THE Book

Bible Quizzing is awesome.
Our quizzers totally rocked my socks off tonight.
It was a solid practice.
With kids actually studying together.
And many of them showing the fruits of their memorizing labor from this summer.
I'm so *proud.*

And it has to help that we've gone from 3 quizzers last season to 8-11 this year!
(I leave that range because we're sure numbers will change after the first month.)
Having more student committed and challenging each other is great peer pressure. :)

I finished my fourth Karen Kingsbury series since this Spring.
I've completed Redemption (5 books), Fame (4 books), Sunrise (4 books), and now Above the Line (4 books).
They are all fabulous.
I'm going to miss the Baxters and the Flanigans and all the characters in between.
Karen is amazing at writing you into the stories.
I'm certain I know Bailey and Cody, Landon and Ashley, Kari and Dayne.
Yes, I realize that it's a fantasy world.
But all the same, those characters become alive.
Their stories resonate with mine.
And THAT is why Karen Kingsbury is an amazing author.


  1. I am certain that I know them too. aren't they great characters and books??? :)

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  3. Aack! Our practices aren't starting until a week from Sunday! I'm still praying we will see growth in the number of kids quizzing this year, too. That is wonderful that you have gotten so many more interested in at least trying it. Any studying they do will still be used by God, even if they don't stick with it all year.

    Julianne has been reading and highlighting quotes in her portion. Allison, OTOH, hasn't opened her portion yet. Never one to rush into things, ya know.

    It should help them that our pastor had them memorize the first chapter of John several years ago when we had homeschool chapel every week. They were just little but I think it will come back fairly quickly for them.

    I like Karen Kingsbury, too. I've lost track of what I've read and what I've missed, though. Maybe I should start's been a while.


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