September 14, 2010

The One where the Teens Take Over

This past Sunday morning may be one of the most amazing worship experiences I have ever had.
And I've been in a LOT of church services throughout my life.
It was one of those times that make you say, "God is in this place."
But then, I realize, God is always in this place.
It's a matter of us acknowledging that and letting go enough to fully encounter Him.

The youth group was at the helm on Sunday.
Kevin and I along with our teens were fully in charge of every aspect of the service.
Announcements, slideshows, sermon, skits, special music, offertory, ushering, and worship.
(I use the term worship to describe the worship in song. Though I believe every aspect of a church service is to be worship.)
We planned and brainstormed for weeks in advance.
Thursday night we gathered together for 2 and a half hours of rehearsal.

And it paid off.
Not only did the service go by without a hitch--even more smoothly than I had hoped!--
but our teens truly led the congregation in worshipping our great God.
It wasn't about the adults sitting in on a service meant for the teens.
It was a service that happened to be directed by the youth group.
And we heard feedback from the adults that our goal was accomplished.
Some said they were weeping,
they had never felt God's presence quite like that before.
It was SO awesome.
We are extremely proud of our students and even more thankful for the honor of serving God in that way.
It was so powerful that it took me hours after the service to literally catch my breath. 

My husband preached a powerful sermon.
He didn't beat around the bushes and I pray many were moved by God to action--
to not be a soldier of God who is in this for what he can out of it (do as little as possible and escape Hell.)
but to be a strong soldier who hangs on God's every word, who loves Him, and proves it by living a life of bold obedience.

We were thrilled to report 122 in the service--more than we've ever had on a Sunday morning (even for holidays!)
Our teens' families packed the pews, and then everyone stuck around for our awesome potluck dinner.
I've heard many comments about hoping to see another youth-led Sunday in the future.
And despite the insane amount of work that went into it :), we'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Enjoy the photo journey:

a slide introducing our greeting time:

 Our skit--written by Kevin--based off of a Dare2Share skit.
This was hilarious--and a big hit with everyone!

:don't mind Pastor Dale's head. :D

:take a bow:

:leading in worship:
Your Grace is Enough.
Mighty to Save.
Revelation Song. 
Hosanna (by Hillsong)

and a great fundraiser plug:  

enjoying the potluck! 

::(most of) Our Awesome Youth group::


  1. So awesome! I don't suppose you guys record (video or sound) for sharing later? I'd like to watch and see what your group did... kinda get an idea of how a youth-lead Sunday should go.

  2. I think we have audio for the sermon...not sure if they saved audio for the entire service...we could check. =)


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