September 19, 2010

The One with Lazy Thoughts

My thoughts on this Sunday afternoon. 

God is so faithful. 
I love fall weather. always. 
Teaching a 2nd grader piano is such a joy. 
Seeing the front two pews at church filled with our teens for yet another Sunday was *amazing.*
Crockpots are miracle workers. 
Making real connections with potential Jesus lovers is SO important. 
Rummage sales are ridiculous. 
My basement is now full of canning jars. 
I guess I've committed to this gardening thing. 
It interesting how adults can be just as petty as teenagers.
I heart teenagers. 
The new seasons of my favorite shows are finally starting. 
I'm trying to understand football. 
I think I could enjoy it, but never for 4 hours. sheesh. 
Sometimes we purposely let bananas become overripe--just for the banana bread. 
I don't know how we got here doing all of this. It's way beyond my dreams and totally foreign to my plans. But it's so much better


  1. love fall. love crockpots and love seeing youth on the front row! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Enjoyed this post...the last on your list is so definitely me as well.


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