September 9, 2010

The One with the Early Alarms

It's weird that waking up at 5:55am is so much easier than waking up at 6:43am. 
For the last few weeks I've been rolling out of bed at quarter to 7, and I felt like I could have stayed there for a couple more hours. 
This week, as Kevin prepared to go "back to school" substitute teaching, I realized I was going to have to back my alarm clock up a LOT in order to get up and at 'em and have time to see him, make a quick breakfast and kiss him goodbye. 
He's told me I could just sleep. 
But I can't let him go with a kiss. :)

So Tuesday morning it started. 
And then Wednesday and Thursday followed, as they typically do.
My alarm went off at 5:55am, 
but my brain was awake at least 20 minutes earlier.
I wanted to convince myself to hit snooze and stay in bed for a few alarm cycles, 
but I couldn't.
My body told me it was time.
I don't really understand the why behind it.
Why I can easily get up an hour earlier, when sleeping in one extra hour makes it really hard to get out of bed?
But I'll go with it. For now at least. 

And there are benefits to this "being up before dawn" thing.
I love being ready (workout, shower, hair/makeup, breakfast) by 7:45 or so.
Seeing the sun rise while I spend time with God. 
Drinking tea as it's still brisk outside. 
Watching The Today Show when it's actually news and nearly commercial free. 
And, on this beautiful Fall morning, taking a walk with my husband. 
All before 9am. 


  1. oh wow. i can not get up that early anymore. when the girls were small, they always got me up at crazy times but now that they sleep, I sleep too! :)


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