September 26, 2010

The One with the Energizing Roller Coaster

I can feel it. 
There is such momentum. 
We are finally seeing ripe fruit from our labor. 

What I mean is ministry is shockingly long and hard. 
I've always loved Jesus and prayed for my friends and made it know that I love Jesus.
But living and breathing the ministry of Jesus is something totally and completely different.

I have to be honest, though. 
I think this is the type of lifestyle Jesus always wanted me to live.

I'm just now beginning to realize it.
His work isn't to be a part of my life.
He doesn't call me to lukewarm, casual commitments.
Because that's what Lukewarm Christians do--they give Jesus part of their lives.
And that sounds well and good.
But in reality that's not what Jesus calls us to do.
He calls us to forsake all we know and love and hold even a hair above him. 
He calls us to pick up our cross daily--meaning this isn't going to be easy. 
It's not always going to be fun.
We're not meant to live a life of predictability. 
We're meant to follow Jesus whatever the cost no matter who thinks you're insane for doing it. 

Wow, that was a rant I wasn't intending. 
But good all the same.

What I started out saying is our youth group is really on the verge of something amazing. 
Boundaries are breaking down in hearts.
Barriers are falling down in schools. 
Parents and families are beginning to notice. 
These teenagers LOVE Jesus. 
And their leading worship. Teaching children's church. Bible quizzing their brains out. 
And their commitment to youth group and all activities therein has quadrupled.
It's no longer, "I'll come if I have nothing else to do."
It's, "I'm definitely coming to everything spiritfire and if I have time for other things then that's cool. But this is priority."

And I must tell you.
It's not us.
We couldn't force teenagers to change their way of life.
Only God can do that.
We're just loving the crap out of them and telling them all we know about Jesus and being as real of an example of Christ followers as we can. 

And it's happening.
We started with 3. 
4 on a good night.
Then we were at 5-8 for quite some time.
That was exciting. 
They were dedicated.
This summer, we broke the 10 barrier. 
We held at 12 for a month or so. 
Now we're pushing 20 every. single. Sunday. night.
And they're bringing their friends.
This growth is not because we had kids "graduate" into the youth group.
We added one that way.
This is because local teens are coming. 
And getting involved. 
And bringing their friends. 
And having the time of their life.
And living rightly.
And learning to love Jesus. 

And we're doing our best to hang on for the ride. 
It's wild and insane and totally unpredictable, but THAT'S what Jesus has called us to do, and we're loving every minute of it.
*takes a breath.*


  1. 20 is a lot compared to the few you started with! Way to go!

  2. so glad that it is going well for you! and a roller coaster is a great way to describe full time ministry :)


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