September 11, 2010

The One with the 5th Quarter

Where was I??
Oh yes...Friday night. 

Friday was spent preparing for the first ever 5th Quarter. 
This is brand new event to our youth group--and totally unprecedented at our church. 
The teens were stoked. 
We were hopeful.
The purpose of the 5th Quarter is not to fool you into believing the football game has run into some sort of illegal overtime.
It's a pun. Play on words of some sort. 
And I stole it from the youth group I spent my teen years with. 
The idea is to open our home--aka the SpiritFire youth room--to all the teens after a home football game. 
This gives them a place to keep the fun going, 
but it's safe and it exposes them to the youth group environment. 
Stealth evangelism. 

(awesome invitations created by my awesome friends Sara at Less Ordinary Designs.) 

We had a full snack bar--
complete with pop, bottled water, Airheads, Airhead Extremes (man are those things popular!), bags of chips, Taco Bell Tacos, and all the best candy bars. 
The game system was hooked up to the projector for a HUGE screen affect. 
Teens had free reign of our massive number of games and movies. 
There was also a bonfire going on outside and the irreplaceable game of Ultimate Frisbee. 
Our youth group isn't quite complete without it. 

Though the numbers weren't quite as high as expected, we felt it was a successful first night. 
Four young adults helped out--which we are SO thankful for.
Having extra eyes and ears--as well as role models--is so essential. 
The students who were BRAND new to our group seemed to have a great time. 
I talked to one of their moms for quite a while and she was thrilled.
She felt like this was an answer to prayer. 
They have been wanting a church with a solid youth program and they're thinking they may have found it.
*contains squeals of excitement*
I quickly invited them to our SpiritFire Student Led Sunday Service--the perfect first Sunday to visit--I hope they make it!  

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