April 7, 2010

The One with Star Wars Episode VII: The Cinnamon Rolls of Death

We survived. 
Thrived even. 
Our Star Wars Marathon youth event was a great success! 
We nearly doubled our numbers thanks to our teens inviting lots of friends! 
For exactly twenty-four hours, our home was overflowing with teenagers. 
Booming with 15 hours of epic Star Wars sound effects thanks to our tripped out basement. 
Full sound system (thanks mom and dad!). 
Projector screen for viewing. 
Rearranging movie style seating. 
It was epic. 
There were more bags of chips, pizzas, pop, and cinnamon rolls consumed than you would believe. 
There were screaming, squealing, and giggling girls and guys engrossed in all 6 films. 
There were walks in the field. 
Frisbees thrown. 
Playing of Euchre and Balderdash and Things
Mario Kart N64. 
Ping pong. 
And did I mention cinnamon rolls?

I did it.
I finally did it!. And boy, I can't believe I lived this long without it. 

Yep, that's right. 
I whipped up an ENORMOUS batch of Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman's) world famous (literally) cinnamon rolls. 

I had the perfect opportunity. 
Fifteen teenagers were over for the night. 
Twenty four hours of Star Wars. 
My husband was in charge of corralling the troupes lined up in our tripped out basement--
complete with surround sound and projector screen.  
I monitored upstairs activities. 
Which, for the most part, included 8 crazy middle school girls screaming and squealing about every other thing. 
It's great!
I love my job.
And I love making people happy. 
And cinnamon rolls (well, food in general) are a great way to make people happy love you forever.

This recipe has been on my "to do" list for quite some time.
But I wasn't sure when I'd need a ton of rolls.
This was the perfect opportunity. 
I even have a tray of unbaked rolls in the fridge.
And took a pan over to the neighbors to celebrate their baby's arrival. 
And shared a couple with the pastor and the secretary.
And all of us ate at least two. 


But talk about simple. 
These were totally easy to throw together and the ingredients are all of the on-hand variety.

My one caution: don't use a wooden spoon that holds emotional connections for you.
My spoon broke in HALF as I was stirring in the final cup of flour. 
Wow. I didn't know that was possible.

My second caution: (oops. I guess I lied about the one caution)
Don't...I repeat DO NOT make these unless you have people to eat them all. 
You might die of fluffy cinnamon roll sugar overload. 
Though it would be a sweet sweet death.


  1. They probably think you are the BESTEST mom in all the UNIVERSE now! =)

    The cinnamon rolls... all I can say looking at those photos is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    What FUN!!

  2. Thanks, Diana! And the funny thing is, even though I'm not a mother yet, I had half the girls calling me "Mom" and asking if they could have Ewoks (from StarWars) :D

  3. That is probably the coolest thing I've ever heard.

  4. Those look great! I may have to try them soon! What a fun, but crazy sounding night!

  5. Oh wow Mel. Those cinnamon rolls look fantastic and totally worth another 3 and1/2 hr drive to eat them. How about sending some with grandma on Sun.? You don't really like us to expect good food, but look how you entice us all, you little dickens. Love you, even if you don't bake for us. Haha


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