April 12, 2010

The One with Yoga and Jesus

I have weird interests.
One of which is planning trips.
I love hunting for fantastic deals on hotels and flights.
I love working out logistics.
Thinking of details other people could care less about.
But I don't like to spend money.
Therein lies the problem.
Planning trips typically leads to taking trips which subsequently results in the spending of the money.
But many times, for me, I just get a little idea in my head.
And I plan and I plot.
And get all excited.
But to no end.
And you know the weirdest part?
I'm ok with that.

I love yoga.
How I have gone this long without experiencing the joy of this exercise I just don't know.
It's perfect for me.
It's not about how you're moving.
Or how much you're sweating.
Or how many calories you're burning.
It's about how your breathing.
And working towards relaxation and peace.
I am totally always in need of relaxation and peace.
I'm just plain uptight.
By nature.
Or maybe by sin nature.
Either way it's not good.
But yoga?
It's good.
Sure, there are some "crazies" out there.
Sure, some of the concepts of yoga are rooted in finding your "inner peace."
But you know what?
I just need to relax.
And find my Jesus.
And yoga is the perfect way to end my days.

Speaking of which, I'm going to stop writing.
I have a bajillion more things to say.
And I meant to say them at various points during the day.
But I have a list.
And I'll write it tomorrow.
Or the next day.
And for now, I'm gonna go relax.
Because I have a super lame headache. 
From stress. 
And I'm not even stressed. 
Yeah, that's me. 


  1. Headache? Stress? Sounds like you need more yoga :)

    I clicked on your post very puzzled because in my reader it cut off your sentence at "I love hunting..." I was like "wha? she doesn't seem like the hunting type" ha! Now I see you like a killer deal...deer.

    Phew. Glad I got that cleared up! :)

  2. So glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours! You have a new follower :o)

  3. Yay for yoga!!! I love your post!



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