April 21, 2010

The One with a Dropbox

Ever heard of Dropbox?
It's this fabulous online filing system. 
Meaning whatever documents or photos you place in your dropbox can be accessed anywhere with internet access.
You'll just have to go to getdropbox.com.
But the best part about Dropbox is not the backup saving. 
I think the best feature of Dropbox is the file sharing capabilities. 
Once you have your shared file set up here's what happens:
When someone joins a shared folder, the folder appears inside their Dropbox, and syncs to their computers automatically.
Did you get that?
It syncs automatically!

Here's an example of how I use Dropbox shared folders. 
Kevin and I have a shared folder. 
It contains various files we both want access to. 
Most importantly our checkbook register. 
Whenever I balance the checkbook (via Excel) I save it to my desktop.
And then I go into my Dropbox
And save the file in the "Husband and Wife Stuff" shared folder.
And within .005 seconds (yes, that's accurate) Kevin's dropbox has been updated to include the newly revised register. 
There is a small dropbox (literally a box) icon on our taskbars. 
Kevin can instantly tell when I've just updated or added a file to our folder. 
Because his dropbox shows a loading arrow. 
And then a green checkmark once the saving is complete. 

Another fabulous use? 
Thanks to my brilliant Father-in-law:
Kevin's family of four plus myself each are a part of the shared dropbox called "Gift Ideas."
So instead of having to ask each other for gift ideas whenever birthdays, holidays, or "just because I love you days" roll around we just check out the other individual's wish list files in the shared dropbox. 
And whenever I edit my wishlist (which is a lot), the file is synced to the other dropbox member's folders. 
Super cool.
(and speaking of wish lists. 
Here's my tip.
Keep an ongoing wishlist document. 
And whenever you're browsing the internet or watching tv or daydreaming and you think "Hey! I'd love to have that!" add it to your wishlist!)

And another thing about Dropbox. 
It's free for 2GB.
And for every person you refer you get a bonus 250MB. 
Up to a maximum of 8GB free storage space! 
So click here and you'll help me up my storage space. 
And then send an email or a tweet to your friends so you can get more space too!

Dropbox totally works for me!
I hope you'll try it out!


  1. Thanks, Mel. I will have to share this with my staff. They will be surprised to hear that I am "brilliant." Next time I am over at the G & G Arvidson's and Eccles' houses I will see about adding them to the Gift Ideas dropbox.

  2. Neat! I wish I could get my family involved - we'll see! I may try to set this up with my husband later and get you some more space. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I've never heard of that! How cool! I gotta check it out now!!!


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