April 28, 2010

The One with a Walk in Spring Showers

Two years ago at this time, we were getting showered with beautiful gifts and reminded of the wonderful friends and family who support us.
My mom threw a fantastic shower for me at our home church. 
My Brittney planned an awesome shower for me at our home-away-from-home church in Spring Arbor.
And right after that SAU shower, she had coordinated a small private "personal shower." 
It was a wonderful month spent preparing for the rest of my life. :) 
Kevin and I were married just a week after college graduation.

Walk with me down this beautiful path of blessings, won't you?

::three generations::
Grandma Mary (Dad's mom), my Mom, my Sister-ashley, me, Grams (Mom's mom)
It was a HUGE suprise to have my Grams there! 
She came up from Florida for the celebration!!

::Mom did a great job with the decorations::
she coordinated everything with our wedding colors and flowers!

::Grams helped me clip the stitches to my "something old"::
It was a baby bonnet I wore home from the hospital.
It came with a lovely little poem and instructions to transform it back 
to a hanky to be carried on my wedding day.

::notice those little spices in the midst of the gifts?::
we asked our guests to each bring their favorite spice to help start my spice cabinet.
Best. idea. ever. 
I use many of them every day and LOVED having such a well-rounded spice assortment
(I think I only had one duplicate!)

::Britt was a dutiful co-maid-of-honor::
helping keep track of gifts and givers. 
WOW! look at all those presents!

::And now on to the SAU shower::
Brittney planned an ice cream bar (ice cream not shown) with ALL the toppings!

::scrapbooking centerpieces::
the guests put together scrapbooking templates for me to use


::check out all of my beautiful SAU friends!::

::my moms and me::
(Kevin's mom on the left; my mom on the right)

::Brittney leading us in some fun games::
one of which involved me answering questions and 
if I didn't match Kevin's answer I had to shove a huge piece of bubblegum in my mouth.

::Just a couple hours later we were back to our K-house for my personal shower::
Brooke provided us with TONS of bakery goods from her dad's shop

::Betsy's face says it all--the theme of this shower::

::ooooh, candles!::

Thank you, friends and family, 
for helping prepare us for making our own home. 
Without you, we wouldn't have known where to begin. 
We love you!


  1. I love the title of this post. you have the best play on words! :) and the spice idea is a GREAT one! I'll have to remember that!

  2. What precious pictures and memories! I enjoyed looking at your pics and your generational pic. That will be a treasure! And that spice idea is brillant! I will need to remember that next time I host a shower!

  3. What great showers!! I remember how much fun that was too. Love the spice idea and your something old. I wore my grandmother's engagement ring as my something old.

    The scrapbooking idea reminded me that my shower hostesses had everyone write a prayer for Ben and I and put it into a scrapbook for me. I still love to read those prayers and pray them for us!

  4. Great post! How blessed you are to have such wonderful friends and family! So many good shower ideas...I will have to remember them! My daughter was born in Nov. and she received one of those bonnets. She wore it on her the day of her dedication. What a special gift that we have to treasure!

  5. What great and beautiful pictures. What a great shower. Such wonderful friends and family to do all that.
    Have a great Wednesday !!

  6. What special memories that were created at each of these showers. I love the Spice cabinet isea! I'm going to have to remember that one!! And that bonnet/hanky - I've never seen that before; very sweet.

    Thanks for your kind cmoments on my story.

  7. What wonderful pictures and memories, Melanie! Your family and friends look like a lot of fun! :-)

  8. Awesome showers...awesome family...awesome friends! You have lots to be thankful for...and lots of good memories.

    Thanks for sharing them with us today.

    I linked up late. I hope you can come over to my blog for a visit when you have time.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  9. As for the spices - you had 2 duplicates.... Cinnimon and Italian... the 2 that for an Italian baker... are totally ok to be duplicated!


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