April 19, 2010

The One with the Skillet, the Candy, and the Bible

Feeling guilty because you hit snooze 45 times this morning? 
Ashamed because right after you told your husband how much you loved him, you got on his case about leaving his dirty clothes on TOP of the hamper again?!
Well, don't be! 
Everyone makes mistakes and has those deep dark (or sometimes frightening public) secrets we'd rather no one know about. 
But admissions to such guilt can be a wonderfully freeing experience. 
MckMama and about 200 of her friends think so!

Last week I certainly did not use the same skillet to cook all three meals.
Without washing said skillet in between said meals.
Not me!
I am always extremely sanitary and therefore never revert back to the necessary evils of college dorm life.
And even if I did I definitely would not admit that I was rather thrilled at the convenience of said skillet scenario.
(Did you pronounce that "senAHrio" or "senARio"? The first one is so much cooler.)

Never would I ever race to Meijer the day after a candy-laden holiday such as Easter just to take advantage of holiday candy sales.
Not me!
But, just in case I might possibly do such a ridiculous thing I definitely wouldn't come home with a bag of my favorite Easter candy--Reese's Eggs
AND a FORTY-TWO ounce bag of plain M&Ms.
Not me!
I would never splurge on a ridiculously low-priced over-sized bag of my favorite bite-sized candy.
And, well, even if there's the slightest chance I might buy a 42oz bag of pastel colored M&Ms I certainly would not have almost half the bag eaten already.
NOT me!

pay no attention to the words of THIS blog post in the background.

And finally.
And most embarrassingly.
Or not, since this story is certainly not about me. 
I most emphatically did not have to stop and think where I had last placed my Bible/devotional/prayer journal. 
Not me! 
I am always a perfectly spotless example of what devotion to my God looks like. 
So I'm not completely ashamed by such hypocrisy. 
And though I have plenty of ways to excuse my behavior I am certainly not so convicted that I know better than to try to redeem myself for this. 

Thankfully, my God was not harsh with me. 
He welcomed me back with open arms. 
He'd been waiting eagerly for my wayward spirit's return.


  1. I don't eat sweets (I don't eat healthy either - lots of potatos for me) so I never have this urge to buy candy, but Ben and Jack LOVE Reese's cups so I got them some Reese eggs for Easter. Ben has always loved them, but can you believe Jack would not eat them!!

    He's a little different, but he tried one and just would not eat them again, but Reese's are his favorites! Baffles my mind STILL!

  2. hMMMMMMmmmmmm...those bags of candy sometimes end up in my cart as well!

    (love the reese's)

    Blessings to you!

  3. Yep, we've got a big bag of M&M's in the pantry right now. In fact, I just had quite of few of them earlier! =D I really enjoyed your post today, Melanie!

    ~ Love & Blessings,
    Lindsay <3

  4. I DO NOT do that for those nestle thin candy coated eggs in the purple bag :)


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