April 6, 2010

The One with a Favorite Holiday

It's my favorite holiday.
Not because of the awesome presents.
(Presents? On Easter? Maybe Easter Baskets.)
Or the new Easter Dresses.
(I totally resonated with Kristen's Easter Dress post.)
Not because I love Reese's Peanut Butter eggs.
Or even because it's Springtime.
(This writing reminds me a lot about my sister's childhood Easter book:
It's great.)

I LOVE Easter because it is an unequaled celebration.
The never-before-and-never-again resurrection from the dead by our one and only Savior, Jesus Christ.
He wouldn't be much of a savior had he not beaten death in the face, now would he? 

But besides the fantastic church service we were a part of...
Pastor Dale's convicting message. 
The worship team's songs of celebration.
The baptisms. 
Even my How Beautiful solo.

...Kevin and I were thrilled to host our families for a wonderful afternoon of lunch and fun and fellowship. 
My parents and Gramma Mary.
His parents and Brian and Grandma and Grandpa A. 
(His folks totally surprised us by showing up early--before the church service!)
We even managed to snag a few photos.
For posterity. 

::Kevin's fam::

::three generations::

::my family minus my favorite sister::

After a wonderful cooperative dinner of:
spiral honey glazed ham.
roasted red potatoes. 
German green beans.
poppyseed fruit tossed salad. 
Hawaiian rolls. 
Ganache covered strawberries. 
much of the family competed in ping pong doubles. 
or naps.
or dish cleaning. 

Then, right before the grandparents were leaving, we decided to gather around the piano.
Grandma A was on the keys and accompanied Linda, Gordon, Brian, my mom, and myself. 
We sang our way through the hymnal.
Rejoicing in four part harmonies.
Fellow musicians with sight-singing abilities.
And most importantly, meaning the words we were saying. 
It was the most glorious way to round out my favorite holiday. 


  1. Beautiful photos.

    I love generations photos. I recently put together a generations photo project for our church. Seeing all of those photos made me realize even more how important it is to capture those memories.



  2. Hmm It all sounds like a fantastic weekend - miss Grandma Mary!! Also love the hymnal-sing - thats one of my favourite pasttimes - but you know that!! Also - love that you sang How Beautiful!!! Tis one of my favourite songs!

  3. I kind of thought you would have posted this link for How Beautiful:


    For Mel's readers - skip the first 45 seconds and the rest is Mel singing!

    PS. Mel you look sooo grown up!

  4. What a great way to spend Easter afternoon!! Singing thru the hymnal - I am a LOVER of hymns!!! That whole day sounds wonderful!


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