April 2, 2010

The One with a LOT of Firsts

How have I gone all my life without experiencing the almost-sinful indulgence of Ganache?
I mean seriously!!
Ganache is a heavenly form of chocolate--fudge-like, but so. much. better.
This dreamy concoction is made by heating heavy whipping cream which is then poured down over bittersweet or semisweet chocolate. 
The chocolate melts and upon stirring, this gorgeous creamy fudge is perfect for fillings or truffles. 
In my case, I was making the ganache to go along with my Cappuccino Fudge Cheesecake
Another great recipe find over at Annie's Eats, this was quite the long process.
But so worth it. 
It was my first time working with heavy whipping cream.
Whoa, for real, Mel?
Yes, for real.
This is almost entirely due the high cost of such a decadent dairy product. 
I'm cheap frugal.
But I decided to splurge on account of our hosting lots of family for Easter Sunday dinner.
And the fact that my husband had given up sweets for Lent and will be crazy geeked about this dessert! 

In addition to that four part, labor intensive cheesecake, I filled the rest of my day with other kitchen happenings. 
Starting with omelets for brunch. 
Then Easter sugar cookies. 
Somewhere in there I also had another first. 
Or at least a first in a long time. 
I dyed hard boiled Easter eggs. 
Woo childhood!
I think the only other time I'd ever experienced this widespread tradition was when I was in Kindergarten and visiting my Grandparents in Florida over Easter break. 

I don't really feel like I missed out on some transformational tradition by not partaking other years. 
(Don't worry, Mom.)

But I just got the urge to try it on my own.
I think they turned out pretty cute. 
Despite the fact that my shirt is now dyed blue. 

After all that work, I still managed to bake a homemade pizza for dinner.
Which we while watching Sleepless in Seattle.
It was my first time.
I felt like this was one of those classic movies everyone needed to see.
I was gonna watch it with Britt a few weeks back, but it worked out that that same night it was on television. 
So I recorded it and checked it out tonight. 
I really enjoyed it.
It was cheesy.
And totally early 90s.
But it was adorable. 
And come on. It's Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. 

I was totally ok with the spending the day in the kitchen even though the weather was phenomenal. 
I had all the windows open and the breeze was just perfect. 
I wore shorts for the first time this year. 
That was uber exciting. 
Probably because they're one of my four new pairs of Bermuda shorts.
Found at Goodwill for a great price.
And sized just right. 

And the size is just right because I'm so close to my goal weight. 
Months back I hit a wall.
You know all that married weight I swore (not literally) I wouldn't gain?
Well, I gained it.
In spades. 
At first figured I'd just deal with it. 
Unhappily. But whatever.
But then I realized I only had 2 pairs of pants that fit me. 
THAT was a problem. 
I freaked out.
It was not good.
But God did some great work within me.
I think this type of transformation must always begin with the heart.
Because it is in the heart where wounds and sores fester. 
God opened me up.
And gave me a few great people in my life. 
Like Jenilee. and Angie. and Melissa.
Who truly understood my struggle and wanted to walk with me. 
I stopped obsessing. 
About exercise. And calories.
And suddenly everything fell into a beautiful balance.
I still exercise. But it's because I want to. Not because of what I fear will happen if I don't.
And I still eat what I want. 
But I just don't want as much, for some reason.
And now I've dropped the 17 (yea!) pounds that were weighing me down. 
It feels so great!


  1. I LOVE Ganache! It's what we're gonna be eating in Heaven...except even better. That thick, rich, creamy ganache with heavy whipping cream...oh, man. ;-)

    Congrats on your weight! That is truly wonderful--God is so good. :-)

    Love & Blessings,

  2. Don't talk to me about Ganache...I gave up sugar for the WHOLE year of 2010... *moans* I'm still sticking with it...nine long months to go.

    Awesome on your weight! I'm so glad. :)

    About the blog parade--you can definitely join. All you have to do is answer the questions on your blog and comment with the link to the post. You'll be entered into the giveaways. :)


  3. YUM! That looks SO good...talk about a craving :). Thanks for your sweet words on my blog. Hope you're having a wonderful Easter!

  4. Congrats on the weight! That was something I really struggled with after I had Jack.

    Had you really never seen "Sleepless in Seattle" ??? I'm thrilled that you now have!! Really thrilled:)


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