January 7, 2010

The One with an Urgent Call

I cannot tell a lie.
But I hate to admit this.
Bianca and I are friends.
I know!
Can you believe it?
Probably not.
I really wasn't a fan of the idea of a rodent for pet.
Welcoming a species to dwell in my home.
When normally you would make extermination efforts for such a thing.
But I gave in.
My husband's adorable pleas were too much to resist.
And she was free.
I was ok with her for the first week or so.
We had a mutual tolerance of one another.
I tried to deepen our association a few times.
I poked my finger in her cage as Kevin said letting her smell me would help her know I was safe.
He said she would nibble.
But it wouldn't hurt.

She totally bit me.
Multiple times.
I figured our relationship would never progress.

But two nights ago things changed.
Kevin had opened her door to let her out to play on his desk.
It's her nightly excursion.
She loves the freedom.
He loves his little B running around his fingers.
I decided to man up.
I placed my hand under the opening of her cage.
Her door if you will.
She stepped out.
One foot at a time.
I was nervous.
I didn't want to freak out and accidentally throw her across the room.

Eventually she hung out in my hand for a second or two.
I was ok with that.
She was too.
But our relationship has gone from that brief greeting to longer encounters.
Last night I could all but pick her up without freaking her out.
(Which causes her to poop.
I don't like poop in my hands.
So I try not to freak her out.)
I just put my hand out on the desk and she walks right in.
We hang out.

Bianca and I.
Best Friends Forever*

*except that I realize "forever" will only be for another year or so.
Her life expectancy is very short.
Maybe I shouldn't have deepened our relationship.
Cause now I'm gonna cry when she's gone.

And speaking of crying.
Two nights ago I was doing just that.
I know, surprising, right?
But it was because of the Biggest Loser.
Though I was totally stoked about the season premiere.
But the tears were for something totally different.
During the day I had gotten a text from one of our teens.
She was home sick from school.
I didn't think too much of that.
At 7:30 that night her mom text messaged me.
They were in the ER with our sweet M.
She was getting a CT scan done for possible appendicitis.
Meaning she was in a lot of pain.
I was worried about her.
Told them to keep us posted.
My cell phone rang at 9:30 that night.
It was M's mom.
They were taking her down for surgery.
She had a mass of blood in her abdomen.
Our girl was in emergency surgery.
Oh dear.
My concern sky rocketed.
I sat down with Kevin to pray.
I got out a sentence to God before the tears made words unrecognizable.
I asked Kevin to finish praying.
I sat there crying for a bit more.
Out of worry.
Knowing M was probably scared to death.
Hoping God would bring her through.
"She's our girl," I said to Kevin through the tears.

I took my phone to bed with me that night.
Not wanting to miss a call.
Pastor Dale called at 11:45 making sure we knew the situation.
The next morning I found I had a text from M's mom.
She'd come through the surgery just fine.
They kept her overnight and most of yesterday.

I made her chocolate chip cookies.
And asked if I could come deliver them.
Then I asked if she would like me to bring a couple Bible Quizzers and Kevin with me.
She was happy to have us all I think.

And I was thrilled to see her on her feet.
I was so.
So thankful her family kept contacting us.
Knowing they realize how much she means to us.
And grateful to God for bringing her back to us safe and sound.


  1. Wow I'm glad she's ok! I know how much you love "M"

  2. ya, that would be scary, esp if u werent with her. I am also glad she is ok :)


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