January 23, 2010

The One with All the Cheesecake*

A good Saturday.
The perfect kind.
Did nothing.
And loved every minute of it.
Didn't feel guilty.
Not one little bit.
(Which is totally a big deal for me.)
Woke up at 8am.
Went for a brisk run.
Made a French Toast brunch for me and my husband.
That was scrumptious.
Sat in my comfy chair for the next two hours watching Friends.
*One of the episodes was the infamous cheesecake saga.
And paged through The Pioneer Woman Cooks again.
Realized I hadn't done the breakfast dishes yet at 3pm.
Headed out on an ice cream date with Kevin.
Went to the Independent Dairy for the first time.
It was totally worth it.
Peanut Butter Mackinac Island Fudge.
Glory be!
Sat and talked in the quaint little parlor for the next hour.
Came back home and watched more Friends.
Talked to Britt on the phone about blog stuff and getting together.
Our kitchen smelled like Mongolian Barbeque tonight.
Made my own version of Stir Fry.
Watched Away We Go.
Definitely entertaining but not at all virtuous.
Wouldn't recommend it.
Read my husband's blog post.
His second in a week!
It's really quality.
You should read it.
Made brownies for youth group tomorrow night.
Watched more Friends.
Put on sweat pants.
Relaxed after doing nothing.


  1. I love relaxing days... I'm not gonna have another one for a while! Although I could have yesterday, but I love the outcome of my hard work!

  2. Your "doing nothing" is my "doing something". Don't be so hard on yourself.


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