January 25, 2010

The One with the Spontaneous Nap

I'm a huge fan of snow, right?
I love winter.*
Which is why I would never be a little bummed to see the snowflakes whirling around today.
After yesterday in the upper 40s.
Nope. I would want to savor winter for all it's worth.
I'm definitely not ok with an early spring.

*MckMama totally loves winter too. Especially after her cruise I'm sure.

While talking with Britt this afternoon I definitely did not keep talking to her after my phone had unexpectedly died.
Nah. I certainly would have noticed right away when a call was dropped.
And then when my phone literally would not turn back on even when plugged into a charger, we wouldn't rush it to the Verizon E.R.
Only to find out we could have removed the battery and rebooted the darn thing ourselves.
No, I totally would have figured that out myself.
I'm smart, after all.
And when the solution was so easy there wouldn't be even a moment of frustration leading down the anger road.
Nope, I always handle unforeseen circumstances with grace.*

*Lucky for me, I have a husband who instantly reminded me that this wasn't a wasted trip.
We got time out of the house together.
And that was nice.

When my husband walked through the kitchen I wouldn't throw his wallet at him.
The one I never would have pick pocketed.
And when it fell to the floor and he bent down to pick it up, I certainly wouldn't jump on his back.
And not let go as we tipped abruptly to the ground.
Never. I always think fast on my feet (err...on his back) and would have kept either of us from getting injured in the collapse.
But after said mishap we definitely would not take the next 30 minutes to chill on the kitchen floor.
The perfectly clean kitchen floor.
Isn't that where everyone takes a nap?
Well, neither do I.

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  1. I love laying on the kitchen floor! It's my favourite place to have a phone conversation - legs spread out so I'm taking up as much floor as I can! I have no idea why!!! - I would't do it on the kitchen floor we have no though - ew gross!


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