January 18, 2010

The One with the Ice Rink

What a great way to spend Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
An afternoon at the ice rink.
With some of my favorite people.
Our teens.
We had a church society meeting last night, so youth group plans were altered.
Originally, we said we'd go sledding before the meeting @4pm.
But then all of the snow melted.
And I'm not a fan of mud sledding.
Change of plans.
I called the ice rink before church Sunday morning.
Totally surprised they answered, but glad they did.
With the word that the noon skate was still on for Monday, we talked to the teens.
They all agreed it was a great plan.
I announced it in church.
Sent out the text messages.
And the plans were set.
We had just over an hour of skating.
And all 14 of us had a blast!
There was a rousing game of Ice Rink Tag.
And of course the entertainment of falling.

Some were beginners.
There were spills.
Other were a bit more skilled.
No one was anywhere near professional.
If Michaela's brother had been there, that might be a different story.
He's a crazy ice hockey player.
So is Devon, one of our teens, for that matter.
The fact that those two guys weren't around made Kevin and I look pretty good.
And we're not that good.
But we didn't fall.
And we have improved from our experience five years ago.

::skating in January 2005::
Kevin and I might have to make the $2 noon skate a regular date.
When we're not subbing that is.
I like the rink when it's not swarming with people.
And when the ice isn't all gouged up because of the swarms of people.

This day of ice skating turned out to be a very successful last minute event.
And one that I've wanted to do with the teens for a year now.
I'm so glad we did!

::lacing up Michaela's skates::
::and they're off::
Michaela. Megan. Harry. Isaac. Katie.
Harry. Michaela. Isaac. Katie.
::Megan and Shelby encourage John::
::we danced.
::we smiled.

:::The last 10 seconds are priceless:::

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