December 24, 2009

The One with the Homemade Candy & Splints

What a lovely day before the eve of Christmas.
Having Kevin home this year (as opposed to working late in lab last year) was a blessing.
We had a blast.
I did my workout thing.
Of course.
We had breakfast.
Eggs & toast.
And for the first time in months I believe I have mastered the "eggs over easy."
Yes, can you believe it?
I can bake almost anything, but give me two eggs and it's Failure City.
No longer!
Check these babies out ( pun intended):

We then headed to Amanda's to pick up Kevin's most favorite Christmas gift.
He now has a cute little albino mouse.
He named her Bianca and calls her "B."
It's adorable how much he loves her actually.
Yesterday we battled over this issue.
Quite extensively.
It wasn't an angry battle like the other day, though.
But it was a bit serious.
He's been talking about getting a hamster or something along those lines for quite a while now.
I've never once led him to believe I would say anything other than "no."
But apparently he had his mind set on changing mine.
If you know Kevin at all, you know when he sets his mind on something he will stop at nothing to see it through.
This is a great quality.
And also rather annoying when you're the one debating with him.

I simply don't like small rodents.
They creep me out.
Just like birds.
There small and sneaky and unpredictable.
And they just plain freak me out.

But he persisted.
Sending me messages with links on "how to care for your hamster."
Setting my desktop background to a picture of a Pika.
Asking and asking and asking.
And I kept saying, "No. NO. NO. NO!"

But alas here is Bianca.
Amanda was looking to give her away.
As her dog was a little too interested.
She gave us all the supplies and everything.
Kevin knew it'd be hard for me to keep saying no to something that is completely free.
He knows me too well.
Meet B.
Kevin's new best friend.

She's growing on me.
But shhhhh.
Don't tell him.

After we picked up Bianca, we hit a few drugstores to find a wrist splint.
For moi.
I have been battling some severe carpal tunnel this past week.
My dad has struggled with this syndrome ever since I can remember.
And I never really understood it.
Until I experienced it.
It first occurred in high school.
It was bad. But not terrible.
I made a conscious effort to sleep without bending my wrists up as I curled up into a ball.
That seemed to work.
It's been at least 8 years since I dealt with this.
But the other morning, as I was jolted from my sleep with numbness and pain, I remembered it all too clearly.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome just so happens to be genetic.
So thanks, Daddio.
This morning was the worst yet.
The burning and tingling and numbness and pain woke me up hard and fast at 6am.
It was running up and down my right arm...from my hand to my shoulder.
The worst feeling ever.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
It took around 30 minutes for the feeling to subside.
But even then it was a good 3 hours before all sensation had left.
That's why we stopped at Walmart.
And Rite Aid.
And Walgreens.
To find a splint for my wrist.
To wear at night.
To keep this syndrome from torturing me.

When we returned home, we set to work.
Kevin started making homemade hard candy.
Watermelon flavored.
He bought me a candy thermometer for Christmas.
(After my failed attempts at peanut brittle, he thought I'd appreciate this tool of accuracy.)
We decided to christen it immediately.
We bought a few more flavor oils for later on.
And other "minty" flavors.
He did a great job too.
Well until he spilled half of it on the floor.
Poor guy.
But seriously, it's delicious.

Meanwhile I was sharing the kitchen with him.
I rolled out four pie crusts.
Froze two of them for later.
And cut up 16 cups of apples.
For two Christmas pies.
I went with the streusal topping this time.
Mmmm, I can't wait.

The two of us had a wonderful time working together.
We were singing to some great tunes.
Dancing around and enjoying one another's company as we worked.
I loved that.
Time is gift enough for me.

And now we are off to prepare for the Evenings festivities.
Our second year of Kevin's homemade Alfredo for dinner.
An 8pm Christmas Eve Candlelight service.
My piano student, Michaela, is playing Silent Night as a duet with me!
And I'm singing Point of Grace's version of O Holy Night with a friend, Sheena.
I'm so excited!
I think we'll film it for my parents to enjoy.
Afterwards, the two of us will open our presents.
(Yes, I'm giving him "his" way this year.)

Then, in the morning, it's off to his grandparents' for a day and night with family!
Sunday we'll head to my home church.
And spend a few nights with my parents.
Then it's back and we take off again.
For a night in Chicago at our Karina & Michael's new home.
Praying for safety.
Praying for snow.
Thanking our Father for providing us with his Son--Our only means of Salvation.
Praise Jesus!

Merry Christmas!!


  1. i caved and we got a gerbil. you have the same cage as us! only you have a few more tubes than we do. :) I'm sure "B" loves it! :)

  2. aw i am sorry about ur wrist...and ah a rodent haha


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