January 27, 2010

The One with Sleep Socks

Sleeping in socks.
I never thought I would be that person.
I had tried this tactic before and it was terrible.
Sure, for the first 5 minutes under the chilly sheets it was lovely.
But throughout the night as my body temperature changed
I found myself gasping for air.
It was way too hot for me.
And hot is just plain uncomfortable.
But after reading Kristen's sock sleeping testimony,
I thought I could try again.
The reason I chose to make a second attempt
lies in the temperature of our bedroom.
In an effort to save on sky high winter utilities
our bedroom's vents are closed.
Thus our room is approximately 55 degrees.
Which isn't that drastic considering our home thermostat
is set at 62.
Dear Guests, we apologize.
In any case it takes an impressive balance to keep my body
temp happy throughout the night.
Wearing light pajamas and my socks to bed equals perfection.
I'm only cold for 2 minutes rather than spending the first
thirty minutes in bed trying to warm my feet.
On my husband.
He's not thrilled about that arrangement.
But I'm pretty sure he's liking the sock thing.
I know I am.

Bread Machine.
He and I are best friends.
Seriously, you all need to invest in one of these kitchen appliances.
Making your own bread is much cheaper than buying a loaf.
Not to mention being able to count the ingredients on one hand.
Versus reading pages of additives.
Just throw in the ingredients.
Select settings.
Press start.
And you're just hours away from fresh warm bread.
Nothing beats it.
I would recommend a machine with a horizontal baking insert.
Like this one.
(Though I would recommend shopping for a better price.)
So that your bread looks more like a real loaf.
And has fewer hard/dry edges than if you use a vertical variety.
Like mine.
But seriously, you can't complain when it was found for $2 at a rummage sale.
This is why I used the bread machine to make the dough.
Then turn it out.
Roll it up.
Let it rise.
And bake in my own bread pan.
Check out more tips at the We Are THAT Family.


  1. I can't sleep with socks... we keep our bedroom cold but we have a heating blanket that keeps me nice and warm. :) the bread sounds wonderful!

  2. I find wool socks help me regulate my temperature better because they "breathe".

    I've just begun the journey into bread making...and I'm doing it without a machine. I am keeping my eyes open for a cheap breadmaker though. I doubt I'll be so lucky to find a horizontal one, but a girl can dream, right?

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog and introducing me to yours! It's so funny that you mention the socks, because after reading Kristen's post, I tried it too and had exactly the same results as you! My bread machine is so old and basic that it doesn't have a "dough" setting. Just light, dark, medium, and manual, which isn't actually manual and I don't understand it. :) I should do some more research on my bread machine. I didn't even know that there were ones that weren't vertical! It would be nice to not have so much dry edge. :) Thanks!

  4. I hate socks. With a passion. Often go without them in the winter even. But at night, if my feet are cold, the socks go on. Sometime in the night I pull them off but hardly remember it. :)

  5. I love wearing Socks to bed - I hate when my Nick puts his cold feet on me!


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