January 27, 2010

The One with the Subbing Newbie

Wednesday was my first day as an official substitute teaching in the calling system.
But I'm thankful I didn't get called.
As we joined many in our church conference for a day of Prayer and Fasting.
For Haiti.
For the response teams.
For the work of the Holy Spirit to be done.
For Haitian pastors.
For our sponsored children.
For the provision of basic needs.
For rebuilding and restoring.

This day-long fast was so much easier than the one we did in November.
Having totally changed eating habits has been a tremendous blessing.
I didn't even realize how I was overeating.
As if I was scared to feel hungry.
But now I've learned the beauty that is a hunger pang.
And the greatness that is a lack of uncomfortable bellies.
Now that I'm used to being hungry the fast seemed so much more natural.
Less like torture.
Allowing for easier focus on the prayer topics at hand.
I did, however, start complaining of "starvation" around 3pm.
But within an instant I was reminded
of all those people trapped in the rubble for days and weeks at a time.
No food or drink.
Sustained by God alone.
And suddenly I could complain no longer.
Thank you, Lord for your overflowing blessings in my life.
All those things I take for granted.
Clothing. And lots of it.
Clean water. An endless supply.
A dry home. With room to spare.
Cupboards and fridge filled. Never fearful of true starvation.
And the list goes on and on.

What do you take for granted?
For what should we be giving God praise?

Back the "official sub" thing.
Today was my first day on the job.
I was actually able to secure the position last night online.
Which allowed for a much more planned out morning.
I taught a 5th grade classroom.
From 8:48-3:40.
And let me tell you, I was a bit nervous.
A bit excited.
But when some of your friends warn you about those kids at that school the worry factor increases.
I was determined to go in with confidence.
And I did just that.
I did my best to maintain authority and order.
That classroom of thirty 10 year olds lived up to their infamous reputation.
When I spoke with other teachers they all responded, "Oh NO! You're teaching for Mrs. Reed!!"
The individual students were awesome.
But put more than one of them (or all thirty) together at the same time and chaos ensues.
I tried every silence tactic.
I made some up and used the teacher's tried and true methods.
But only those three students who naturally obeyed would give me their full attention.
It was a bit draining.
A bit frustrating.
But not defeating.

And get this!
The music teacher who came in to the classroom for one hour may be sending her daughter to take piano lessons for me.
AND when I asked her name I instantly remembered what my mom had mentioned to me a month ago.
My elementary school teacher/principal's brother lives in my town.
And this music teacher was his wife!
What a crazy little world we live in!
We both got goosebumps when we made that connection.
And she definitely has me on her request list for music sub jobs. :)

Tonight I missed a call while at worship practice.
I was bummed.
Then I checked online and starting clicking to secure a job.
Then my phone rang.
For the same job I was "competing" for online.
Tomorrow is a day in kindergarten!
I'm pretty excited about it.
And if any of the teachers from today's school know anything at all then it can only improve from here!

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  1. Have fun in Kindergarten! Don't get too messy!


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