January 16, 2010

The One with the Sci Fi

What a blessed day I had.
The alarm went off at 6:20.
I figured I could get an early start on my Saturday to get the most out of it.
Also, I just like keeping my weeks and weekends streamlined.
Sleepwise at least.
But as soon as I heard that annoying buzz I turned the thing OFF.
I woke around 7am and could have gotten up.
But Kevin was still sleeping heavily.
Which was odd.
Because he normally wakes at 5:30.
At 8am, I was feeling really wonderful and really lazy.
I was ready to start my day.
But Kevin rolled over and made sure I couldn't escape.
I couldn't believe how hard he slept.
At 9am we finally started our day.
It was a glorious way to enjoy Saturday morning.
It was needed, I do believe.

I had the itch to go for a run.
Especially after reading Jen's post.
She was right.
A brisk (but not bitter) winter run was exactly what I needed.
I had been in some tempermental ruts lately.
That's such a diplomatic way of putting it.
Bad moods.
Short fuses.
Not cool.
But that run.
It was excellent.
Felt so good.
Especially wearing my new gear Kevin bought me for Christmas.
There's something magical about looking good (or at least thinking you look good) when working out.
Really there is.

We had a wonderful brunch.
Whole wheat banana pancakes.
And eggs.
While watching a recorded Ellen.
She cracks me up.

And then I was off.
For the grocery shopping that I would have done Friday.
When the stores were quiet.
And roads were less congested.
I wish there was some sort of a back road path to Aldi.
But, alas, I must deal with the roads that actually exist.
While I was there I had the loveliest little encounter.
A nice older gentleman was standing behind me as I compared bags of rice.
I couldn't buy the wrong bag, you know.
I said, "Excuse me. Am I in your way?"
And he said, "Oh, no, not at all."
As I turned to leave he said, "Your hair looks so pretty like that. It really looks nice on you."
I was a bit taken aback.
Smiling, I said, "Thank you so much."
This really meant a lot to me.
As my hair almost never looks good.
And has warranted compliments maybe three times in my life.
He quickly added, "I have 3 daughters and 5 granddaughters. I'm used to noticing these things. If I don't, I get in trouble."
That made me smile even more and I thanked him once more before we parted ways.
It's the little things.

I came back having been successful.
And spending just $20.
I found 10oz bags of unsweetened bakers chocolate chips on sale for $0.50 at Aldi.
Down from $1.69.
I snatched up six.
I couldn't resist.
But other than that, I stuck to my list.
Now is not the time to deviate.
Then I swung by Bath and Body Works.
And exchanged one of my body creams to match the spray and body wash my Dad had bought me for Christmas.
I don't like to mix scents, you know.
It's not just not pleasant.
And there's something about laying scents.
It makes me feel beautiful.

Then there was the stop at the library.
We had just been there last night.
But my book wasn't in yet.
I was so anxious to start it.
And left me wanting (or needing) the next one.
This morning it had arrived.
I was so thrilled.
And while I was there I browsed.
In the dvd section I found the ab workout Karina had recommended.
Since I can't buy my own right now, I was thrilled with this!
While I was at it, I borrowed a yoga dvd.
Just because I'm curious to try it.
I love Pilates so I think I'll enjoy it.
I turned to the corner and found some tv series for rent.
My eyes skimmed the rows and found Firefly.
The series Kevin and I had just finished.
That totally left its viewers hanging.
With NO resolution.
Right when you were totally sucked into the story line.
It ended.
Which is why they made the movie.
And where did my eye land next?
The movie to tie up the loose ends.
I knew Kevin would be totally stoked with this library card "purchase."
We watched it almost immediately.

I must admit.
I've enjoyed this little sci-fi ride.
I never ever ever thought I'd say that.
Just don't tell my husband.

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