January 22, 2010

The One with the Bridges

I'm a little bit in love with my new and improved (and somewhat insane) schedule.
I mean, seriously.
Who, in their right mind, wakes up at 5:30am when they DON'T have to??!
And I may just be out of my mind.
But I like it here.
The view is nice.

Life is especially good when your husband gets a sub job the night before.
Rather than 20 minutes after the indicated start time.
Or even more than a month before.
He didn't get called Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday.
Then, Wednesday night he answers a call for a two day job in March.
When did it become March?
But whatever.
That's two days we don't have to wonder about.

Then Thursday night he received another call.
For today.
But watch. He won't get called at all next week.
This substitute teacher coordinating company really likes yanking at my emotions.
One minute we think we're good to go.
The next minute we wonder if they hate us and have permenantly removed us (him) off the call list.

Please wait for one moment.
I must greet my husband at the door.
He worked hard today.

dot. dot. dot............................................................

So that was a much longer break than anticipated.
Here I am, two hours later.
I said hello.
He told me about his crazy day.
I took the mini apple pie out of the oven.
In celebration of his first subbing paycheck!
We ate the yummy pie.
He realized his paycheck was wrong.
He called PCMI.
Then I called PCMI.
Because I hadn't heard from them yet concerning my employment.
They said I was sent an email verifying my compliance for the position.
I never recieved it.
So I could have maybe possibly worked this week.
But I didn't know that.
I was waiting like I was told to do.
I then called the ISD.
It was 30 minutes after the sub coordinator's end of the workday.
But hopefully I'll get that squared away Monday.

Then I read some of my latest library checkout.
Pride and Prejudice.
Is it some sort of sacrilege to watch the movie and then read the book?
I hope not.

Then I was sleepy.
So I changed my reading over to Real Simple.
Then I was hungry.
So I started baking up our pizza crust.
And cutting up the toppings.
Green peppers.

And over dinner we will watch one of the two movies I picked out from said library.
Totally different.
But both interested me.
And Kevin liked my picks.
I'm interested to see what we think.

And these bridges?
Are they covered?
Because I'm from the county with the most covered bridges.
There's a festival and everything.
I should say I'm some sort of expert on these bridges.
But I'm totally not.
All's I know is they make the best pizza.
Seriously. There's a covered bridge where they make pizza.

My internal timer is getting ready to ding.
That must mean the pizza's done!

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  1. tell me what you think of the movie, because I read the book in high school.....

    also this is what I like about a magazing subscription, it's like getting a gift from a friend every month in the mail!!! not just on Christmas or birthdays etc! Thanks! and you can think of me on a monthly basis too!


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