November 1, 2009

The One with No Internets

I can't quite think straight.
Besides the fact that so much has happened in so little time, I also just so happen to be in bed.
Trying to figure out if I've officially contracted H1N1.
I predicted this about 5 hours ago.
I said, “With thousands of youth workers gathering here from across the country I bet you 80% of us go home having succumbed to this feared flu.”
Oh geez.
Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.
Today I have felt like a lump of jello.
Every inch of my body has been aching.
Most of the day I've contributed it to the treadmill running I've done the last two mornings.
I figured I was sore because of this different workout.
And my feet must be hurting because I definitely did not choose to the right shoes to bring.
(I almost bought a new pair at Payless yesterday, but I decided since it was my fault my feet were sore, I would just have to deal with the consequences.
Especially since I have at least 3 pairs of comfy, supportive shoes at home.
But those were stylish enough.
Again, Oh geez.)
But during this morning's Big Room session my throat starting hurting out of nowhere.
I thought it might be a fluke.
But it's still sore.
And my lymph nodes on the left side of my neck are sore too.
Both bad signs for me.
I know these signs.
So I finally started thinking, “I might be this ridiculously sore because I'M SICK.”
I've already been sick twice this season.
So we skipped the early even lab session so I could nap.
And nap I did.
Actually I napped yesterday too.
I was out like a light.
Which also should have been a clue.
But when I woke up I've now been experiencing chills.
And nausea (though that may or may not have something to do with the seriously amazing Chinese food I had for lunch.)
Oh geez.

But that's totally not the point of this entry.
Ok maybe it was.
I don't know.
Where am I?
Oh, right.
At this lovely hotel that happens to be across the street from a wonderful conference center.
It's been fantastic.
For so many reasons.

First of all, Kevin and I have had some serious quality time together.
When we're not in the Big Room or in a lab or in a “fish bowl” or in open space, we're together talking through all we're learning and experiencing and thinking.
(Big Room=general worship and a main speaker, different individual each time.
This occurs once in the morning and once at night.
We still haven't caught a frisbee during the giveaway time. Grr.
Labs=twice a day we get to chose one of out 10 different lecturers and topics.
All, of course, relating to youth ministry in some way, shape, or form.
Fish bowl=sitting in a lab classroom in a large circle, discussing a specific youth min. topic with fellow youth workers and a moderator.
Open Space=too complicated to explain right now. But super cool.)
We have loved this extended time we've had.
And the connection we've experienced as we work together in this ministry.
It's been amazing for me to see a increased passion ignited in my husband's spirit.
I wasn't sure how he would react to all this “youth worker” business.
I thought he might be a bit bored.
Or annoyed.
But he may be even more pumped about all of it than I have been.
What an encouragement that has been.
I think I've been keeping as many notes on the topics we've been discussing as I have during the “professional” labs.
It's so exciting to see what God is doing in us and between us and what He wants to do through us.
Besides this afternoon of me possibly being sick, we haven't even had the time to stop and wish we had wireless.
I haven't checked my email or Twitter or the blog since Thursday.
What's that?!
I normally check those things multiple times an hour.
No lie.
But it's been refreshing to experience life without these technologies.
Though who could believe a great hotel and huge conference center wouldn't be covered with wireless internet access.
I mean...really.

I have bags and bags of information.
Seminary pamphlets.
Thousands (or tens) of mission trip packets.
Free chapstick.
Service opportunities.
Resources up the whazoo.
And I cannot lie, I may have ingested more candy this weekend than I have in the last 2 years combined.
This sugar high may be the cause of my shakiness.
I have yet to determine that.

It's been good to learn from those with wisdom and experience.
More years of experience than years I've been alive.
And it's encouraging to realize that we have done some things well.
That we're not at the bottom end of the tier.
That we have something to offer.

I might need to go through the day by day, hour by hour experience at some point.
Mostly for my own posterity's sake.
(Is that at all the right use for that word?
Who knows.)
But for now, this is me signing off.
And wondering when might actually get to post this.
Seeing as how I've had to type it up in a document.
Because our room charges for internet.
Oh geez.


  1. unless you have a fever and a cough with that sore throat, Melly-dear, you should be fine. We all started out with sore throats here and it's nothing but the common cold. *raising my mug of tea to feeling better!*

  2. sounds like a great conference! sorry you are sick... hope you feel better soon!


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