October 29, 2009

The One with the Prayers

God is taking us on a faith journey once again.
He is whispering, "Trust me. I will provide."
There is too much to explain right now.
But I would ask for your prayers.
That we might be obedient.
Intent on walking in the will of God.
That He would be glorified.

Tomorrow begins are 4 day trip together.
Just the two of us!
As I've mentioned previously, we'll be in Cincinnati.
Staying in the incredible Millienium Hotel.
Sitting side by side as we soak in the worship.
The workshops.
The camaraderie that is being a youth worker.
And having an intensive 24 hours a day together.
Reflecting on what God has done.
Is what He is about to do.
Two years ago, our friend Matt came back from the NYWC.
He had this awesome bag as part of his "souvenirs" from the convention.
I mentioned how much I loved it.
Later that day it appeared on my desk.
A gift from him.
And little did I know (in fact I would have never guessed) that two years later my husband and I would attending the very same conference.
With a passion for teenagers.
You can't imagine how thrilled I am about this weekend.
The opportunity to rub shoulders with those who truly understand.
Understand the blessings and the upsets.
All that is youth ministry.
The chance to learn from those more experienced or those with different experiences.
To be open to what God has for us.
Where He wants us to go in this ministry.
Please pray for us these next 4 days.

And now for something completely different.
We are looking into pursuing photography in one capacity or another.
I would love to learn and improve my (lacking) skills.
We could make this a shared "hobby."
There are so many possibilities.
But at some point we have to start with a camera.
And I figured that YOU are the best people to ask.
Those of you with any photography skills.
What is your favorite camera?
What would you recommend for beginners?
I can't think of other questions to ask right now, so any other helpful information you can throw at us would be most appreciated.

:::the adorkable one.


  1. I personally love Canon. I'd start with a digital rebel. It's great to start with and will take you a LONG way. Just be sure to get a good lens. Let me know if you want my acvice on those. :)

  2. I agree with Sara - a Rebel - get the most current - you can't go wrong. The lens are important also - but you can start with one or two and then build on them as needed.
    I'll email you some great web sites for learning.

  3. One of my best friends went to school for photography. This is what she had to say:

    My favourite is the canon 40d or the pentax k1000

    Canon is great quality and has a pretty easy learning curve so any of their cameras would be good

    But I would definitely start with a compact/consumer geared model and save the pro models for later

    For example the S IS series of canons are phenomenal but you don't get into the intricacies of lenses and whatnot. But still offer the same quality

  4. The 40D is what I use, but I would definitely start with a Rebel (I started with it and it was great . . . I would have been overwhelmed by what I have now if I had started there). And I wouldn't buy a 40D now that the 50D is out (it's a newer version of the 40D). That's just my opinion.

    I wouldn't buy buy any of them with the kit lens. The kit lens that came with my rebel held me back for a long time. A really cheap, decent lens is this one. It's a prime lens and has a wide apeture and really gives you a chance to learn natural light photography. It's a great little lens. The only thing is that it breaks very easily. I've been through three. I'm just glad they're cheap.

    This one is a little more expensive, but was my primary lens for a long time (and still use quite a bit for shooting newborns).

    But this one is my favorite. I call it my third child. But I think I wouldn't have appreciated it as much right from the beginning.

    If I were doing it all over agagin, I'd start with the Canon Rebel, and that first lens I linked to. I guess the lens that comes with the kit might be helpful, too, just for snapshots and every day photography because it would have zoom, etc.

    I guess I just gave you all of my advice without you asking. :) That's what blog comments are for, I suppose.


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